Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Scene

Took my mom and her Tory Burch shoes in to see a third specialist today. We did not like him. At all.

Ironic because he spoke Spanish. I figured that would make us feel more comfortable. It didn't. His bedside manner sucked in two languages instead of one. F.

After a very thorough exam, Specialist #3 laid out the options. Surgery or wait and watch. That's it. He said the choice was ours. He also asked why we were seeing so many doctors.

For half an hour, I had felt the anger and impatience rising in me. When he stopped talking, I finally barked out, " We are seeing so many doctors because this is my mother's LIFE we are talking about. What is YOUR medical opinion? Since we don't have the benefit of a decade of medical training, we are here to get YOUR recommendation. What would you do if it was YOUR mother?"

My tone caught him of guard and he finally spit out that he would monitor the tumor for six months. He wouldn't expose his mother to unnecessary risk. He then proceeded to describe in horrific detail all the potential complications of the surgery.

My mom and I left in a daze. Feels like this decision is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't. Back to overwhelmed and scared...

Was exhausted by the time it was time to watch Obama accept the nomination. I teared up quite a bit. What a beautiful orator he is. What a beautiful commemoration of Dr. King's speech. What a beautiful country if he gets elected.

And could you stand how beautiful Michelle looked in floral berry colored Thakoon?

It's a color that looks stunning on her.

I am kinda giddy about a fashion forward first lady. Almost as much as I am about getting this country back.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals
Chanel bag
Gucci sunnies
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Wore this dress for my mom today. She helped pick it out months and months ago. Knew it would make her smile today. She loves me in dresses. Especially frou frou, be-pearled ones like this one.

Also wore it because I knew today would be tough. Wanted to remember a kinder, gentler, tumor-free time. A Chanel kind of night. Funny that such a pretty, girly dress would serve as a kind of armor today.

Love how the Marc Jacobs sandals match the dress to a T. Kinda loving these pearly Pedro Garcia flats too. Currently obsessed with pairing a dark shoe with light dresses and vice versa. Such an easy way to look fresh.

Carrie Couture recently posted that tiers are big right now. They are a perennial favorite of mine. So ladylike and fluttery and fanciful. Makes one feel like a butterfly.

Am particularly loving Phillip Lim's take on tiers. Almost bought the top that LiLo recently wore to skanky effect. F.

This runway look is what I want to live in this fall - cardigan, statement necklace, secretary silhouette, tights, yummy heels.

Also loving this Madison Marcus dress that incorporates tiers with ombre. Look at what a difference the styling makes.

I think this Vena Cava dress might just be nirvana though. The color, the back, the easy elegance. Have been wanting to get more into Vena Cava for years now. Blake Lively reminded me. She's been wearing their clothes lately to great effect.

Any one of their fall pieces would look delicious with these INSANELY HOT Chloe booties. I want. Therefore I am.


WendyB said...

Sorry about the situation with your mom. It sounds like there's no one answer, so she'll just have to choose whichever option she feels most comfortable with.

weezermonkey said...

It is a tough situation with Mami. I was hoping Doc #3 would break the tie. Ugh.

In completely different news...Gossip Girl tonight!!!

tam pham said...

sorry that you and Mami are having to deal with such big decisions, but i'm sure you both will decide on the best option for her. still keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. kiss.

TINA said...

Sorry that you and your mom have to deal with such tough decisions - I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Cute sandals, and dress, they work perfecty together. :)

Ann Marie said...

Sorry to hear about Dr. #3's poor bedside manner.

Did you read Tim Gunn's take on Michelle's sense of style v. Cindy's? I think you'd enjoy it.

dapotato said...

ugh. love your line on the bad bedside manner in two languages, though. hope doctors 4 and 5 make it a bit more clear. :T

seriously, i cannot be shopping right now but reading you makes me want to. i may have to venture to santee alley soon.

Leslie said...

It's totally a damned if you do, damned if you don't decision like you said. It sucks that things are this way. But your mom is so lucky to have you with her every step of this very painful and scary path.

((hugs)) to you and your entire family.

ShoeZQ said...

First and most important you and your family are in my prayers every night.

Second check out these booties by Pour la Victoire talk about yummy and a little more budget friendly.

amber said...

dr. #3 sounds like a real peach :/ i hope the next two help to sort out all the confusion. {{hugs}}

totally forgot to tell you, but i was inspired by your black dress/neutral shoe combo last weekend and paired my black halter dress with nude strappy sandals. played off the light stitching on my kate spade purse so well. loved it! thanks for the tip :)

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

ugh. some doctors can be so heartless / clueless. its sad how as we get older we come to realize they can't all be trusted wholeheartedly. hopefully you and the mama can get some more opinions and make a safe decision. you're in my thoughts! :)

and ps. totally right there with you on the barack and vena cave thing!

R said...

Good for you for speaking up. Sometimes doctors forget the personal, and human side of things.

Anonymous said...

We have so much fashion in common. There has been so many things I've seen you wear on your blog, that I also own - it is so fascinating. One thing in particular is a Marni-esque F21 [brown circles/mirrors/yellow/blue] necklace that you have, that I also have but bought in SF. I hadn't seen it anywhere online or on blogs, but I thought it was the greatest. Look at us!


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