Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Scene
Another day, another doctor.

Whereas yesterday was encouraging , today was demoralizing. Specialist #2 is much more concerned by my mom's CT scan. He fears the possibility of bleeding. He expresses shock that we were let out of the ER two weeks ago with what may be a timebomb in her head. Ugh.

He warmly hugs my mom as we leave his office. He tells her everything is going to be OK. I watch her cling to him. I struggle to keep my composure.

The doctor orders an MRI to be done right away but we come up against insurance roadblocks. I can't believe on top of everything, we have to deal with how broken our health care system is. One year after watching the Michael Moore documentary, apalled, I am living it, galled. How quickly the tables turn...

After an hour, we give up on getting the MRI approved for today and head home. We are both drained and afraid. I work for a few hours from home while she naps and reads next to me.

Then we head out for a late lunch at Urth Cafe. The sun is shining but everything seems so colorless and gloomy. A Morrocan Mint Latte and piece of pumpkin pie help.

While we are pigging, Mr. Diaboling keeps fighting to get us an MRI appointment for the morning. Words cannot express how amazing he has been through all this. He books the appointment and offers to go with her in the morning so I don't have to miss another day of work. What a prince.

We end a long draining day with Project Runway. There is nothing more over the top than drag queens. I love the premise, I love the queens, I love the endless possibilities. But a challenge that could have been so fun is made lame by a bunch of hacks. F.

I think I am over this season. Kato is going to win. And tho talented, she is not particularly innovative or exciting to watch.

After the show, Mr. Diabolina makes a huge revelation. He has bought frozen yogurt out if his own volition. Who is this guy? For years, he'd throw a fit whenever I'd buy "fake ice cream." Think he's trying to be healthier with everything that's happening. But don't you worry, he's still sucking down beers and Fruity Peebles as evidenced in the background.

Please also note his Gallo t-shirt. Gallo is the Guatemalan beer. My mom got the t-shirt for him on one of her last trips. It's one of his favorites. And today, I think, by wearing it, he was showing she is close to his heart.

He is close to my heart.

The Outfit

Banana Republic tank
Robert Rodriguez skirt

The Accessories
Urban Outfitters sandals
Chanel earrings and purse
Canal Street hair clip

The Grade

The Commentary
Built the outfit around my glorious new sandals. Picked them up in San Jose. They are so dominatrix chic I can't stand it. Love the tie at the front and the heel coverage in the back and the brown/black mix. Love love love.

Have been seeing similar ones at Kitson and Nordstrom's all summer. But at over $80 I wasn't interested. These however were on sale for just $19.99!!! Am loving Urban Outfitters for sandals this summer.

Can't get enough of my high-waisted new skirt from the UCLA Thrift Store. After seeing how expensive it would have been retail yesterday, I decided to don it today. Wanted to be comfortable for doctor deux but still look put together.

The tucked in tank top felt a bit odd and not particularly flattering but whatevs. Might have been nice to do a different color but I was feeling monochromatic today.

I felt very Hills chic today. Very Chanel on Robertston. California cool despite the New York color pallette.

The black experiment is going very well if I do say so myself. I am enjoying the simplicity and ease of all black ensembles. Plus maybe I could work at People's Revolution now...

At the doctor's office, the nurse remarked on my earrings. As we were sitting down, before she said anything else, she said they were fabulous.

I don't know why it bothered me so much. I said a snippy, pursed lipped "thank you."

I realize she was likely just trying to build rapport, break the tension. But I wasn't looking to be her girlfriend. I wanted her to help us. Tell us what our options are. Give us confidence that her team could fix all of this.

I was not looking for a discussion on style.
That's what I have all of you for - duh ;)


MissJordyPants said...

My heart is breaking for the three of you. Love & Kisses!

weezermonkey said...

I always tear up a little reading these posts. Mr. Monkey is reading your Mami posts, too. We were both happy to hug her today.

tam pham said...

i've got you all in my prayers. stay strong.

Juana said...


Victoria said...

thinking of you all... can't stress enough to get numerous opinions on everything and not believe someone just b/c they are a doc. you really have to be your own these days and do whatever it takes to get her the best care possible. i know she will be fine, but it's an incredibly tough road to that day. xoxo

Milly said...

Stay Strong Diabolina...everything will b fine.
cute flats, i have to stop at Urban i never do.

amber said...

:( still thinking lots of good thoughts for you both. mr. d sounds like a real prince. you got a good man there.

Ly said...

your in my prayers and thoughts.


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