Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Scene
Today Mr. Architect and I met Jean Bean's j-school friend Ms. Editrix. She's tres cute and excited to have a few built in buddies in lalaland.

Gave the newcomer some perspective on the eastside v. the westside and tips on how to get around when isn't particularly good at directions. Also hungrily discussed her beat as a reporter. Politics? No. Education? No. CELEBRITIES!!! She's a big deal at one of the tabloids. So fun and funny.

Let her know I make an excellent chichi Hollywood party companion for the following reasons A) I have crazy facial recognition abilities so can always spot the celebrities B) when she has to go off and do interviews I can more than entertain myself - a hold over from growing up an only child and c) I'm just fun times. Told her if she needs references my j-school buddy and former editrix extraordinaire G can vouch for me ;)

Then I almost fainted when she told me she was pretty sure she'd be attending the Philip Lim store opening this week. And Jean Bean's in Europe at the DVF show. Some girls have all the luck.

Got home and drowned my sorrows in Sprinkles. Mr. Diabolina decided to do a little microwave experiment. Who knew melted heavenly goodness could melt away professional woes.

The Outfit
Fuchsia wrap sweater
Fashion District gray tunic
Forever 21 leggings

The Accessories
Stella McCartney gray heels
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Silver bangle
Chanel necklace
Canal Street earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt like a busted old drag queen today. Tranny granny style.

Tried to dress extra sass for meeting Ms. Editrix. I so wanted to make a good impression from the outside in. But nothing felt quite right this morning.

Must be that I'm bloated and PMSing and this hair is sooo not behaving. UGH!!! In the end, threw something together that is really best left for evening. F to me.

The whole thing felt like I was trying too hard. Hate that. Perhaps a flat black sandal would have been better. And maybe the Chanel instead of the Louis Vuitton. Just to keep it all more monochromatic? A little bit more like this look from the day Jean Bean got engaged.

Do adore the cellophane-y straps and blossom neckline of this tunic tho. Delicate and feminine. And oh so pricey looking. Especially with just of dash of Chanel.


tam pham said...

i wish i could meet people with like Ms. Editrix so that i can leech on to them!!!

dapotato said...

yay for new friends and helping newcomers get their bearings in lalaland.


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