Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Scene
Is anyone NOT having a rough week? Ugh. Different friends say it's tied to the crazy moon this week. Hope tonight's full moon ends the madness. My eyes are tired of welling up ;(

Must be why I am obsessed with sunglasses lately. Namely the gilded edged Chloes and the butterfly Pradas. Hearting them but they are sooooo this season that I'm not sure I want to invest in them. As Jean Bean said, they will be soooooo last season soon enough. Hate how that works.

Best part of my day is finding two great little faux options online at Forever 21. Ever since I started buying designer sunnies I never buy disposable cheapie ones. Feels sacrilegious.

But these two delish pairs may change all that. Not good at the online shopping so gonna try to find them at the store this weekend. Otherwise might just have to take the plunge. I think I could spare the $12 for both instead of $500+ for the designer versions.

The Outfit
Marimekko for H&M top
Liquid white pants

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Chanel chain tote
Stuart Weitzman gold gladiators
Forever 21 bangles

The Grade

The Commentary

Words cannot express how blah I'm feeling. But trying to hide it, put on a pretty facade, be appropriate and pleasing. What a girl. Sigh.

Nearly reached for a black dress this funky morning but forced myself to be a bit more cheery. This Marimekko print winked at me from the depths of my closet and it's psychedelic grooviness makes me brighten if just for a fleeting moment. Decide to grab it and pair it with white pants. Easy and done.

Was surprised the other day when so many of you were digging the white pants. I thought they were a staple for everyone. A basic really. I see them as the perfect alternative to jeans in the summer. Particularly when you live within striking distance of a beach, any beach.

This pair I got at the Barney's Hanger sale about 6 years ago. Not sure if Liquid even exists anymore. This pair has shrunk a bit so the length is off. Should really get a new pair. But the fit on the rear is so good I can't let go.

Besides the June issue of Vogue told me that cuckoo pants will soon be sweeping the nation. Come fall, it's going to be lots of pleats and low crotches and high water lengths. Very 1980s. Very my mom at PTA meetings when I was 8.

Philip Lim showed them. Gucci too. And YSL three

Pretty sure it's not a look I'll be adopting though. I mean just look at how chunky monkey it makes the world's thinnest women look in these runway shots.

No need to add another 20 pounds across my bottom half. I have Sprinkles cupcakes to do that, thank you very much!


tam pham said...

i hate pants...regular or funky. my midsection just doesn't agree with pants! p.s love love the prada butterflys, but i too am scared they will look "last season"

dapotato said...

i need some white pants and more summer-friendly pants. [adding it to the list.]

Mónica said...

I have the same problem: I cannot stand cheap sunglasses, they are really bad for the eyes! thanks for passing:)

JillFantastic said...

Glad to hear the moon is the reason for THE WORST WEEK EVER. Ugh. You aren't alone.

I would say go for the F21 sunglasses, but I bought a $5 pair of aviators and those cheap bastards literally distort my vision. Boo.

amber said...

i'm the poor sap that is so hard on her sunglasses (breaking them, losing them, etc etc) that i only buy the cheapies. otherwise, my wallet would be in serious trouble :/


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