Monday, June 16, 2008

Diabolina Digs...

Coming to the fashionista rescue of a fab friend.


Back in late May got this rather frantic email from lilcee:

"Fashion emergency. well, ok, not really. I'm going to a wedding in Maui in 2 wks and I have nothing to wear."

Eeks. Destination weddings always seem to add extra fashion pressure.

I talked my new cyber homie down from the ledge. Via half a dozen emails gathered some basic info: what look she was going for (tropical goddess), the site of the wedding (a cliff overlooking the ocean=Gorgeous!) and the bride's style (semi-formal.)

Armed with all this background and the personal knowledge that Ms. Lilcee had been fiending for a maxi of her very own, I advised her to hit Image - at Beverly Center AND
the Westside Pavillion.

And she ended up striking Pucci-esque gold. Sent me pics before she left on the trip and I more than approved. Pretty, playful print that she can dress up or dress down.

Then today got this yummy email which MADE my day:

I just got back last night and wanted to show you the pic! Thanks again for your help. I got so many compliments. mwah!

Love it when life and fashion work out.


weezermonkey said...

I love when friends become friends. :)

amber said...

fabu dress! you are getting good at this D!

dapotato said...

i LOVED her dress when going through the photos. i think i need you to help me dress me next time i have an event.

Da Fashionista said...

tasty tater, I would love that. bring it on ;)

tam pham said...

you are such a wealth of fashion knowledge.


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