Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Scene
Today there was salsa and babies for me to devour. Today was a GOOD day.

Weeks ago, The Brown Devil announced he was pulling together a surprise party for his wife, St. JudE. I was impressed. I was also petrified.

Petrified of ruining the surprise. I am NO good at secrets. Ugh. And to make matters worse, St. JudE kept emailing me about getting together for her birthday. Had to keep shoo shooing her off the scent. Ugh.

But The Brown Devil completely pulled it off without a hitch. The house looked festive. The food was delish. The baby girl was even fashionably on trend, sporting the latest in Latin wear straight from Olvera Street courtesy of her grandma :)

About 30 pretty people and delicious babies managed to stay BERY, BERY quiet as the birthday girl approached.

As with most surprise parties, there were several false alarms and much shushing.

We drew the blinds and peeped through the slats, tracking her every move. I got really really nervous like a total nerd.

Then there she was, at the back door. Home from a baby shower in San Diego, and back lit in a heavenly glow like the saint she is!

I noticed the "SURPRISE" was a bit more muffled than we used to scream out when we were all younger. Maybe because a thirtysomething is much more likely to suffer a coronary when startled. Wah to old age.

Before she could enjoy herself, she had two muy importante questions: 1) had her hubby really cleaned the house? and 2) was her outfit ok? He had and it was so she was ready to party ;)

I might add, her hair was straight perfection! That's typically my biggest curly sue concern when caught off guard.

Mr. Chicken Nugget was ON FIRE the entire party. Showing off his mad football skills and delicious dimples! And he was eyeing the Creative Cakery confection like only a 3-year-old can (and well, maybe this 30-year-old can.)

He was told we had to sing "Happy Birthday" before we could eat the cake. So he proceeded to serenade himself and anyone who would walk by. He even sang to the salad at one point.

When it was finally time to sing to the actual birthday girl, he was the first one to plop down directly across from her. And her cake. HILARIOUS. Then he went to town, inhaling the frosting but leaving the "soft part" for me.

Ugh. I love that my piggie hilarious friends have had piggie hilarious babies.

Wonderful party for one of my nearest and dearest. She truly is a saint of a friend. Knew she would be 8 years ago when I lobbied for her friendship - hard!

Her baby, Ms. Gardner, however is another story. Despite having the face of an angel, I fear she has a bit of her brown devil father in her. I should know being a brown devil too.

Hmmmm. We are going to have to watch her. Definitely watch her.

The Outfit
Forever 21 greecian jersey dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion district bead necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Stuart Weitzman gladiator gold sandals
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
Turquoise plastic bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Wanted to wear something uber comfortable because I knew I'd be rolling around with my 3 favorite babies at the party. Picked this dress because it's one of the ones that could be viewed as similar to yesterday’s halter by the lay person (read: Mr. Diabolina.)

But really they are totally different dresses. The aquamarine hue of this Forever 21 dress is just a tad softer as is its heavenly jersey material. The ruched neckline is beautiful and detailed like yesterday's dress but in totally different ways. This deep V allows for a sassy necklace whereas yesterday's dress doesn't. It would be waaaay too much busyness at the chest.

Today, I take out a beaded beauty that I've been wanting to bust out for weeks. Got it downtown (came with matching earrings that I didn't wear) for about 10 dollars. Picked it because I had an inkling the babies would dig it. All the pretty colors and shapes and such.

As predicted, my beautiful Bana went straight for it as I cuddled her. I love that it served as the perfect distraction while I gobbled her up with kisses. Love fashion as a trap for unsuspecting butterballs.

Please note Bana's new chic summer hairstyle. It is business in the front, party in the back. What USC dolls her and her mommy are!!!

The fuchsia of the sweater and the necklace and the one LV earring were magical together, no? LOVE IT! These jersey dresses are truly great blank canvases. Take a look at how different this one looked when I first wore it back in January. Different sweater and necklace and shoe and bag - add up to a totally different look. Diabolically delicious versatility for under $30. Thanks, Forever!

p.s. I got the birthday girl a shopping spree with yours truly at (where else?) Forever 31 ;)


amber said...

i would never have thought to put those colors together, but indeed, i LOVE it! so vibrant and fresh for spring.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

Love the color combo, and that necklace is super cute too :)

JillFantastic said...

Love that color. It's a personal fave and like that it looks good on so many skin tones - even my pastey arse!


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