Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Scene
Not quite sure how I filled the day but I did. I have a hard time relaxing and not go go going. Trying to just breathe and get better at enjoying the stillness.

Telling myself soon enough there will be an unending to-do list at the new job. Soon enough I will be emotionally exhausted from having to navigate a whole new set of politics, learn a whole new routine. For the next week, I should just try to have fun.

Today I did watch the Sex and the City girls on Oprah. Talk about fun. Ugh. I LOVED that show. Miss it so. Like every other vagina, I cannot wait for the movie.

That genius of a stylist Pat Field let it slip that belts were a staple on set. Very excited for the inevitable ripple effect this new silhouette will have on the streets.

Stop with the volume already, I tell myself. But I just can't. My eye isn't ready for the new shape yet. Hope seeing my favorite fictional fashionista showing off her waist will help inspire me.

(BTW, Carrie's wearing the Dior shoes I almost scored resale a few months ago. BOO on my too-big manimal feet!)

IM'ed with Peaches via Facebook (have you seen that newish feature?) During our chat, he sends me this because he knows I hate on Facebook.

Pitch perfect Brits. ALL the reasons why I just don't get Facebook. HILARIOUS.

Ran four miles then Mr. Diabolina and I decide to watch a late movie. Baby Mama. It's entertaining 'nuff. A few laugh out loud lines. Maybe even better than I expected.

But we seriously heart Tina and Amy. Love us some hot funny chicks!! Not enough of them given the opportunity to carry a movie. Or the SNL news desk.

The Outfit
Forever 21 cropped pinstripe jacket
Banana Republic knit chocolate tank
Alvin Valley seersucker trousers

The Accessories
Manolo Blahnik chocolate d'orsay pumps
Miu Miu chocolate purse
Forever 21 gold necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
So, get ready, you are going to see every light pant I own over the next week. You can thank Mexican vampire mosquitos. Legs are no longer painful just fugly so gots to cover 'em up.

Fished these pants out because I love the fit. Plus I'm a sucker for seersucker in the summer (say that fast 3 times!!!) Alvin Valley is truly a master tailor. Probably the best pant fit after Theory that I've ever found. He cuts just roomy enough in the seat for a girl with hips that don't lie :)

I think the key to the flattering fit though is the big, belt-like waistband. Sucks everything in and tucks it away. I got these because I couldn't afford the pair I really wanted.

Ugh those pants still haunt me. So cool. The perfect beige color. And the waistband was black leather. Delish.

Got these more than 50 percent off at a sample sale called Billion Dollar Babes about five years ago. I was like a fiend back then for sample sales. Was always on the look-out for email lists to get on or RSVP only events.

I made half what I make now and still had the same expensive tastes. So I had to figure out crafty ways to stretch my "just started working" paycheck. And there was no Forever 21 back then AND I was over the Fashion District at that point.

Haven't been to one of those sales in a really long time. Heard they got kinda busted. Maybe I should go check one out. Purely to report back, of course. Use that (investigative) journalism degree for SOMETHING ;)

Heart this little summery jacket vest. Just not on me so much. Hits me a little weird. But I grabbed it to be matchy matchy with the pinstripe of the pant and show off the tan.

The bag was a hand-me-down from a friend of my mom's. I heart Miu Miu. Want to get more into that baby Prada line.

I've forgiven their odd choice of LaLohan and Kiki for their ad campaigns. Just heard they signed someone cool next....

p.s. LOVE how my bling caught the light in my pic above. Makes me feel like JLo!!!

p.p.s. Thinking I may want to do it up BIG for the SATC every other yenta who fancies herself a fashionista ;) Let me know if you'd be interested in a girly outing, a blogging meet and greet!


weezermonkey said...

Like every other vagina, I cannot wait for the movie.

I am apparently a man.

Michelle said...

I can't wait for the movie too!! I'm really trying to "train my eye" on the fashions so I can find them for cheap. I mean, less expensive!

I'm in for the movie...

Oh and I'll email you my fashions later on this evening...when I'm done studying of course!

dapotato said...

i guess i am a vagina, too.

i, too, need to enjoy the stillness when it comes because it vanishes so quickly.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Sex and the City. I can not wait for the movie! Yay!!!!

Fabulosity said...

Count me in that would be awesome!

Ana said...

Found you via I Heart You. Love the concept of your blog...and looking forward to hearing your take on the SATC flick!

R said...

I sparkly puffy heart that Facebook clip. Perfect!

amber said...

i'm with weemo on this one. i never watched any SATC, so the movie does nothing for me. but, post-movie noshing, i could get behind ;)


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