Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Scene
Thunderstorms. Tornadoes. Snow. In Los Angeles County. In May.

The planet is officially pissed at us. Ugh.

Have I mentioned my new office is green? Mr. Diabolina says it's rubbing off on me at home. Am more conscious of energy use lately.

And my latest thing is not taking plastic bags when I'm out shopping. Little way to make my footprint smaller.

Think the key to living more consciously is to start small. Then you can build, get out of your comfort zone, do things that are a stretch.

Want my next car to be a hybrid. Maybe do solar panels when we trade the condo for a house. Have to do something. We are at a crossroads.

The Outfit
Fashion district navy dress with triangle pockets

The Accessories
LouisVuitton earrings
Me&Ro necklace
Banks&Biddle bracelet
Forever 21 bangles
Stuart Weitzman gold gladiators
Marc Jacobs Irina bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Blah. Not feeling very inspired lately. Maybe it's the schizo weather. Maybe it's that I'm feeling jiggly. Most likely, it's that I'm overthinking things. Wanting to play it just right at the new office but end up just playing it safe. Sigh. I bore myself.

Have had blue dresses on the brain since Sunday's graduation. Clearly Ive got a thing for blue dresses. Can't get enough of them. Am a little devil after all.

Just think it's such a great alternative to black. And various shades of blue - especially cobalt - are so universally flattering. So fresh, so vibrant.

Noticed that quite a few celebrities have been rocking blue this very week from Cannes to L.A.

Natalie and LC have been pitch perfect lately. So young, so effortless. Adore. Adore. Adore.

Here are Dita and Salma in evening looks. More mature, more elegant.

One dress is detail rich, the other is a simple column. Doesn't really matter tho. There's just something so stunning about this color on a woman. Looks electric. Rich. Powerful. Right.

With all that yumminess swirling in my head, picked out this little comfy caz downtown find. Adore the navy with the chestnut trim. And still loving me some pockets on dresses. Makes me feel like a girl of 25 again.

The pleated detail at the neckline slays me. Little little detail that makes the dress adorable. Paired the dress with my turquoise Me&Ro necklace today. Remember that trick? It's a favorite of mine, really great for summer.

Thankfully didn't have to deal with the elements today. This tissue thin dress was NO match for the inclement weather. And the sandals weren't the best choice for sporadic rain. Ugh.

Many of you have asked about these Stuart Weitzman gilded gladiators. I got them about a year ago. On sale at Bloomie's for about $100. Heart them.

They are very similar to the shoe SW is showing this season though the color is a more muted metallic than mine.

These sandals are traffic stoppers. I inevitably get asked who designs them by strangers. Feel like I am on the red carpet, bombarded by "who are you wearing? who are you wearing?" hee hee!

Odd because I don't think they are all that special. Just a super comfortable gold flat that is timeless.


weezermonkey said...

I love that you get stopped for your shoes.

I got stopped last night by a lurker! Shocking, hilarious, and awesome!

JillFantastic said...

I have the more muted SW's. Boo. I like yours much better!

Anonymous said...

Not my favorite look for you, but you still rock it! How do you do it?

What changed your mind about the gladiators? I thought you didn't love them 100%?

Seriously, like you, I hate that my new office is really casual. Also, my new office is also very green, which I'm not used to!

Anyway, I've been reading your blog for a while and have never posted, but I did tag you in my blog: Click on the "Tag! You're It!" entry.

dapotato said...

loving the blue, too. love.

tam pham said...

you know that i'm a sucker for blue dresses!


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