Monday, February 4, 2008

The Scene
Monday after a great weekend. Always depressing. Big excitement of my day: I interviewed the guy who wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Pretty funny, this life of mine.

The Outfit
Capri black leggings
Forever 21 Lexi tunic
Beige wrap sweater
Parisian vintage eggshell trench

The Accessories
Mango black yarn necklace
Black rosette earrings
Chanel black tote

The Grade

The Commentary
I love the story of this top. So let's go back to last April. Styleminded and I wer
e just starting to become friends. I had moved departments and got seated right next to her. At that point, we were sniffing each other know how girls do...feeling each other out.

I realized right away tho that she wasn't just a pretty face. She clearly had a great eye for detail - in her job
and her fashion sense. Her Balenciaga bag, her Tory Burch flats, her Rachel Pally dresses, her chic use of leggings. I took them all in, ate them up voraciously with my little eye. In a sea of uninspired drones, I spied a kindred spirit.

I really fell in love with her when she sent me her fashion blog. I didn't even really know you could blog about fashion as a hobby!! Her writing was so fresh, her voice so self-effacing. It was personal yet so relatable. I was sold. I wanted to be frien
ds with this girl officially. So I started revealing myself, letting my fashionista show. Slowly but surely, I started stepping up my sartorial game, flashing my sass, sharing my thoughts on mixing designer with lower end lines.

I knew we were on the road to being besties when we both fell for the same Forever 21 top. Ah the Lexi. So similar to the DVF Edison print.

She ordered it online
and got it in the store because she wasn't sure about the sizing. I ended up taking one off her hands and that's the top I am sporting today. (p.s. She is so tiny she wears hers as a dress - yum!!!) When she wrote this post on her blog about it all our friendship was cemented.

I heart her. We have celebrated monumental birthdays together (25 for her, 30 for me.) Laughed and cried together. We've shopped and crushed on boys and shared our lives for the past year. She is younger but has taught me so much. She is an inspiration as a person, professional, friend and fashionista. She is in my heart.

Now back to the goods :)

This top with the ribbon necklace and the Camelia-like earrings and the bag is just so Coco. I loves it.

Feel like I should be in a cafe in Paris, writing and laughing and living and loving. It's a pretty great top that can transport you to another time and place.
And help you make a lovely new friend!


Cee said...

that's such a cute story about you and Styleminded. You two are one cute team.

Unknown said...

you are so cute i can hardly stand it.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

love the straight hair~ you both are adorable :)

amber said...

that last pic of you is a great one. :)

Da Fashionista said...

Kisses, girls!

p.s. I love that you can tell my hair is different.

hearts in my eyes for you,


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