Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Scene
Got my metaphysical on today. Went to a workshop on drawing out your intuition today with five friends who will remain nameless :)

Not sure if I am going to do the full 12 week course but glad we all spent 2 1/2 hours talking about things that are deeply meaningful to each one of us: personal growth, consciousness and healing.

Met my momma for sushi in the evening. Mira the patently nude peep-toe wedges she was sporting. What a little adorable devil in red!

Being the devil incarnate, she suggested we go to Crumbs for dessert. Crumbs is the new cupcakery just down the street from Sprinkles. I had suggested Pinkberry as a low cal option. We are so L.A.

The spread at Crumbs was OUT OF CONTROL. It was my first time, my mom's third. What a naughty kitten!

The cupcakes are covered in Oreos, Snickers, Peanut Butter cups, m&m's, you name it. And they are ENOURMOUS. Ugh what mounds of naughty!

My momma had a cappuccino one and I opted for brownie. Ugh. Too much all around. Too sweet and too big and too too. And yet I scarfed half of one down.

Think my heart still belongs to Sprinkles tho.

Peach said that Mr. B said they are opening a Sprinkles on La Cienega. Hurray! The line situation at the Bev Hills store is sheer lunacy.

The Outfit
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Old Navy creme v neck
Parisian trench coat

The Accessories
Handpainted purple scarf
Forever 21 violet leaf bracelet
Fashion district bangles
Vintage electric blue kitten heels
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Still gaga for purple this weekend apparently. Built the whole outfit around this exquisite scarf. Got it downtown for 8 dolla.

The swirl of jewel tones is so flattering, me thinks, and again,on trend with this whole art-inspired look that's going on this spring.
Looks alot like this Etro print dress.

So for a couple of years now, I have loved how all the young Hollywood chicks wear their scarves kinda cowboy style bouchy around the neck. There must be a word for it but I don't know it.

Saw the look get a little more high fashion at Balenciaga in the Fall. But still thought it was for indie lithe chickadees only. Have thought I'd look like a total geriatric poser if I tried it.

Until today. Decided to let go of the fear. Think it worked. Kinda. I must not have been tying it quite right because it kept coming undone. Argh!

This Forever leafy bangle makes my heart sing. Love that it took me 6 hours to realize that it matched the inside lining of my Alice Roi clutch purrfectly.

Yep you heard right: clutch. Decided to be trendy-licious today by carrying a clutch for day. It was a bit tough getting used to the idea of not having a HUGE bag to stuff full of shit today but it felt good to pare down what I carried to the very essentials.

I actually went through a huge clutch phase in my early 20s during grad school. I wasn't really into proper purses yet (I KNOW can you believe it???) and I was going out at night alot more. So clutches just made sense.

I was also thrifting quite a bit at that point and would always find interesting little clutches at Goodwill.

This Alice Roi was my first designer clutch. Bought it at deep discount at Tracey Ross. Maybe $40 bucks. It's such a great size. Fits so much. And the animal skin look makes it so versatile.

Now that statement daytime clutches are popping up everywhere, me wants a real fancy one. Have been debating a few.

There are a couple at Marc.

The turnlock one can be worn with or without the strap. Love the option.

But this other one has such a great business meets nautical feel to it.

Notice the subtle pattern that spells out Marc. LOVE THAT DETAILING!

Just saw a few at Tory Burch that are pretty sweet.

Like one at Stella too. HMMMMMM, maybe with my credit...

Think I need just a plain black one that will be versatile enough to work for day and night.

Will keep you posted, my pretties, on which one I choose.

p.s. According to Vanity Fair, a Balenciaga store is FINALLY opening in L.A. next month. Fancypants, you and I have a date to hit it together for the first time.


weezermonkey said...

No! Say it ain't so! Me gusta Crumbs mucho!

We should have a Big Cupcake Taste-Off one day.

dapotato said...

your mom is so hip...knowing all the cupcakeries and all! i love crumbs more than sprinkles, although i like the look of sprinkles better. the la cienega sprinkles looks like it's almost ready to open, but its location means parking and lines will be just as ridiculous as the original location.

the marc bags are just lovely.

Jean Bean said...

I like my clutches, but given an option, I would always use the strap.

MissJordyPants said...

Geriatric poser my ass! You look fabulous in the scarf. Heart it with the blue shoes.

The nautical Marc is my favorite. Bought a cheapo clutch this weekend at Old Navy. It's big, but feels weird with lots of stuff in it. Kind of miss at least a small strap to grip. So pretty though.

fancypants said...

I have mixed feelings about the Balenciaga opening in LA. On the one hand it means I don't have to deal with those stuck up women at Barney's anymore, but on the other hand it means I can't order my Bal's from BalNY without paying sales tax. Such a dilemma!

amber said...

i only have one clutch as i'm still trying to decide if i like it enough to branch out and buy more. still on the fence about it.

that scarf is beautiful!

Da Fashionista said...

i liked crumbs more than dots but still like sprinkles best of all.
i have a serious cupcake fixation at the moment. it's a bit scary. the cupcake taste-off might be the death of me...death by cupcake.

missjordy, i looked at the new ones at old likes alot...should go back...

ruh-oh for your wallet, fancypants.

i can't wait for my first one tho - sales tax or no. thinking about one in a real poppy color like yellow or green. we shall see.

KFR said...

omg, go spend that Stella credit already or else give it to ME and I will!!!!


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