Monday, May 19, 2008

The Scene
Monday. Blah. Week two begins...

Best part of my day was reading an email from M&M herself. Great news: she and her husband are coming home Wednesday!!! Thank god.

Her spirits sound good. She's optimistic: "We have good hope that I will walk again...both my doctors and I hope that one day I will return to Linksfield and walk through the hospital doors." Amazing.

She even mustered a crack about her hospital room being the best decorated in the wing; though, she noted, the drapes and TV were a bit dated for her taste! Wonderful to hear her Martha Stewart come out, means she feels like herself.

She also said she has gotten the best care, that all the Africans - medical personnel and otherwise - have been amazing, helpful, hopeful. What a blessing.

She signed off saying she and her husband are anxious about getting on a plane again so to keep them in our thoughts. Ugh, understandable. Can't imagine.

I'm anxious to see her. Maybe ChowChow and St. Jude and I can visit with her in the hospital over the holiday weekend!

The Outfit
Forever 21 sleeveless shift
Fashion District puffy sleeved jacket

The Accessories
Chanel black chain tote
Chanel black and white earrings
Fashion District pearl/ribbon necklace
Marc Jacobs round toe pumps
Banks & Biddle bracelet
Goody headband

The Grade

The Commentary

So lots of fashion swirling in my head this a.m.

First and foremost this month's Vogue spread on Sex and the City was dancing around up there. Carrie and Mr. Big and a video camera!!???. Um, delish. The shots at the Met? Ugh, sizzling.

But I was transfixed with more than my favorite fictional couple's chemistry. Much of the shoot was wedding inspired. And, for the first time in my life, I am trying to pay attention to bridal wear. My mom can thank Jean Bean and her impending nuptials to my fave Texan.

This Christian Lacroix coutre look - dripping pearls - had me at hello. Ugh and those feather Blahniks. Gimme gimme.

So decided to do my own work appropriate interpretation. Today I had lunch scheduled with my "buddy/mentor" appointed by my new boss. So decided to really look pulled together, timeless, classic. Which to me means a LBD with a cute jacket and splashes of Chanel.

Got this necklace years ago in downtown. Came with matching pearl earrings. $12 for both - tops.

Works purrfectly with the earrings. Decided to add the thin little headband to make it even more preppy, more chic.

Think my mentor didn't know what to make of me. She was in jeans and a sleeveless white peasant top. Sigh. I think I should move to Paris where people dress like they mean it. So Cal is just Not my forte.

ALTHOUGH...I did blend high fashion with casual comfort at the gym today. You see I have been reading everywhere for months that little stars are soooo in. Picture me rolling my eyes. I mean what next - rainbows? Ugh. Fashion editors can be so REDIC.

I mean, yes, I get it, Chanel showed quite a few starry chiffony prints and Wonder Woman necklaces for Spring.

But does that really make for a full blown trend? Aren't certain prints evergreens? Sigh.

Regardless, I fished out this little hoodie today.
I am nothing if not a slave to fashion...


weezermonkey said...

Continued good thoughts for M&M.

I like this outfit. It's powerful chic.

tam pham said...

i love a LBD all gussied up with accessories! where did you get those TDF Chanel earrings??

Michelle said...

So glad you're friend is coming home - will keep her in my prayers!

Love the little headband! Very Blair Waldorf/Gossip Girl...

amber said...

lots of good thoughts for your friend. that is excellent that she is at least on her way home :)

WendyB said...

I'm glad you got good news from your friend.

Lynn Tran said...

I was thinking about M&M yesterday, hoping she made it safely home. Let me know once you find out her hospital 411 in LB. XOXO

Kate said...

I like to dress too and PDX is even more casual. Whatev... You looked hot in this black outfit.

Cee said...

Pasadena H&M has a huge section dedicated to this trend. Of course I wasn't Ashlee Simpson so I skipped over this look. I was looking for something more girly.

Coco would be so proud seeing you. Audrey Tatou better watch out. I imagine someone else playing Coco.


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