Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Scene
Take my car in for more servicing this a.m. Can't believe I've had it for 7 years. I am old. It is old.

Thinking I'll keep driving it until the wheels fall off. I'm not a car person AT ALL. Could care less what I drive as long as it gets me from A to B.

My mom offered to play/drive me around while I was carless. She looks adorable so early in the morn: light lime sweater by Banana, jeans by Gap, gold jelly shoes by Marc Jacobs, earrings by Forever 21 and sunglasses by Chanel. What.A.Doll.

We head to downtown for some breakfast, clothes shopping for me and Michael Levine shopping for her.

I pass on quite a few enormous maternity-like dress in favor of these two more form fitting dresses. Hello, my name is Diabolina and I officially have a major dress problem. Cannot get enough of them. Especially ones under $50 with such classically feminine detailing.

My momma scores a new sewing box and some more sewing essentials. We discuss (as we always do in a fabric store) how we should try to make our own little tops and dresses. My mom knows her way around a sewing machine but hasn't been motivated since I was little.

We look at fun trims. Think it'd be great to stitch onto the neckline of a simple t-shirt. Easy sass up sewing project. Maybe someday soon we'll give it a go.

As we are heading to pick up the car, we see Santino from Project Runway! He is being followed by a gaggle of what appear to be FIDM students. Odd but fun sighting. He's uber talented and Mr. Diabolina always quotes him impersonating Tim Gunn: "Designers... rock the cas-baaaaah" :)

Hit the gym in the afternoon and Wa for delish sushi followed by Michael Clayton on DVD. Had such low expectations (despite all the nominations) that I was pleasantly surprised. Felt like it was The Firm meets Erin Brockavich. Totally didn't get that from how it was marketed. Fun night with my own janitor aka lawyer. He's going to be traveling all next week. Have to savor him up while I can.

p.s. This purty new Lacoste was a b-day present from yours truly. Without my cajoling, he popped the collar today. Now that's love. (So are your 17 poll votes for more stories about him! Seriously, how much did he pay you off? I will work him into more of my ramblings from now on. Promise!)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Chanel chain black tote
Chanel black and white art deco earrings
Urban Outfitters red flat sandals
Downtown red leopard bangles

The Grade

The Commentary
Overslept so woke up and was out the door in a total of 5 minutes this am.

Grabbed the easiest, lightest dress I could because I knew it was going to be a scorcher today. 90s in downtown!!!

This dress is the same cut as last Saturday's. Notice how the same style becomes much less flattering in white than in the dark blue. Optical illusions.

No matter tho. The pluses outweigh the minuses with this dress. Have loved it for 2 summers now.

Heart how it's feeling vaguely Latin due to the material and the trim detail. Always happy when Latin flair becomes the trend of the moment. Happens every few years.

p.s. This was my fave ribbon in the entire fabric store today. Every Spring day gets us closer and closer to football season. Very excited for it ;)


weezermonkey said...


Did I ever tell you about the time I saw Jeffrey Sebelia at Kinko's downtown? I went there to print out a bunch of wedding stuff in color, and he was sitting at a huge computer designing something.

I smiled at him, and he gave me a wink! Tee hee!

KFR said...

Out shopping on Main Street yesterday and saw lots of the same things we scouted last week in the Fashion District!

Come shopping over here with me sometime ... a couple new stores have improved the strip.

tam pham said...

i have that same lime sweater your mommy was rocking!!! oh how I love her style and yours as well! can't wait to see the h&m piecese you picked up..wish that Dallas would hurry up and get an h&m!

Lynn Tran said...

Your mama is the cutest. Loving the SC ribbon - pick me up a roll or two, will ya?! We get NO Trojan retail love up in NorCal.

amber said...

i've always thought i should get into sewing for the pure purpose of making my own simple skirts and shirts that actually fit my pear-shaped self. ah well, maybe one day.

that ribbon would be perfect, if only it were in blue and gold ;)


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