Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Scene
Those shots last night were not a good idea.

Wake up looking like the kid from Mask. No joke. I screamed when I looked in the mirror.

Easy, breezy day now that my big secret is out. Not sure who knows what. Not sure I care.

Went to Japanese with The Peeper. Love it when she wears a pony and red accents. Good lord it's going to be tough to not see her peeping eyes over the cube wall every day.

This super sweet Nest shout-out makes my day/week/life. Yay to women supporting women! Brings me the most blog traffic have ever had. 257 at final count! UBER exciting for this little Web geek.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Irina tote
Urban Outfitters red patent sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
I could barely open my eyes this morning so wanted to wear something easy (don't even get me started about the busted hair!!!)

Bought this dress with my mom. $24. Thought about it hard because the print is a bit boring, a bit dreary. But I heart the shape.

Loves me a drop waist. Reminds me of my childhood. Had ALOT of drop waist dresses when I was little. The effect now is a bit juvenile but in a fresh polished way I think.

Me thinks it's also flattering for someone like me whose chunk is concentrated in her trunk ;)

This shape combined with this print also feels a bit flapper, 1920s to me. While trying to figure out if it's a rip off of some high end designer (Tibi or a similar brand), I find that it looks exactly the grid flower dress from Top Shop.

Makes sense. It feels slightly ugly frumpy. Something a British hipster might wear.

Something a Kate Moss might wear.

She does flapper quite a bit with her evening wear.

I remember reading she did a roaring 20s birthday party for her 29th. Amazing idea. Brits know how to do costume parties or "fancy dress" parties.

My favorite dress that the venerable Ms. M designed for Top Shop was this little asymmetrical number.

NEED a one shouldered dream like this desperately. Tried one on at Forever that was not worth a damn. Let me know if you see one...

Today's accessories were odd choices by design not due to hangover confusion. ADORE the brown and red combo of these shoes and how they match my Marc exactly.

Bought these $20 flat slingbacks at Urban Outfitters on Monday with The Peeper.

Months ago she and I were feeling blue at work and planned to take a personal day together. Decided a spa day would be perfection. That's what the mystery was all about on Monday.

I knew about the job offer last Friday so the timing ended up being perfection! A relaxing way to celebrate.

We hit Burke Williams, met up with KFR for lunch at The Huntley, popped in to Yummy Cupcakes, shopped at Forever and ended up at Urban Outfitters. That's where she bought Wednesday's peepshow dress and I
bought the sandals.

Perfect day with a pretty peeping pal!

Very cute that we both wore red shoes today to deal with our hangover.
She is my sister from another mister :)


weezermonkey said...

205 visits ain't too shabby! Woohoo!

And now I am oh-so-tempted to write, "You go, girl" in every. Single. Comment.


amber said...

ah, spa days with pals are the best. :)

Artsy Fartsy said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds like it will be a great fit, and something to really help you *grow* professionally.

I feel the same way about old clothes, and new is like having a new wardrobe all over again (except, of course, mine consists of bags and shoes from payless, and your consists of fab rodeo drive-ish finds!).

Fabulosity said...

I like how Weezer responded to the Nest post. She cracks me up.

dapotato said...

yay for the huntley. eh to le cupcake, but it's still a cupcake. :)


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