Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Scene
FeFiFoFom. This salsa monster wanted cupcakes today. All day.

All day I dream of them and their goey goodness in my belly.

Ugh. It's a sickness.

I don't get a cupcake though. Instead I work out. Hard. On the elliptical because my running shoes were discarded at the mud run. Wear my Stella for Adidas sneaks instead. They are so purty but really more for looks than function. The ankle that I twisted a few years ago is acting up. Not gouda.

Pick up my baby boy at the airport. He catches up on my blog (his favorite post of late is my nerdy disclosures one) then we watch the Hills and The Office.

He kinda ruins the blissful night by saying he feels sorry for Heidi and would be friends with her again. Ugh. She is foul and all kinds of fake and fame hungry. Jean Bean and I dubbed him Friend of the Friendless ten years ago precisely for this kind-hearted proclivity.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 scarf
YSL chocolate tote
Banana Republic tribal peep toe flats
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

This dress is one of the reasons I heart Forever 21 from the depths of my being. It might just be the perfect casual dress.

Look at the detailing of the sweetheart neckline. The balance of the demure length with the deep plunge of that deliciously feminine neckline. The three prim buttons right under your naughty but nice decollatage. The great drape of the jersey that just hints at your curves and hides a multitude of cupcake sins. The richness of the striking color. No wonder I without fail get compliments whenever I wear it. And no wonder Forever 21 keeps reissuing it (I got mine two years ago.) Best of all, it could not have cost more than $24. Much better than Ella Moss or Rachel Pally (the queens of jersey) prices.

Today I decided to pair it with brown since yesterday's look was so cutes.
A little tribal comfort on my feet. LV on my ears. A YSL on my shoulder. And a dash of green YSL pencil on my peepers.

But the neckline somehow seemed lower than I remembered, more revealing. Ugh. Do I dress like a ho and just not know it, I wonder fleetingly ;)

I decide to add a scarf and cover up the Chesty Larue situation. Have been wanting to wear this scarf for a few weeks now but haven't gotten around to it.

Love the colors and that it somehow feels vaguely Guatemalan. Just like me :)

During the course of the day I wrap the scarf around my neck in a bunch of different ways to tone down the girls. KFR and I want to take a seminar on how to tie scarves like European women do. I seriously can never get it quite right. But at least I try.

I love that I can wear this scarf in the summer and the winter. The neutral palette really lends itself to mixing in well with the wardrobe and transcending seasons. In fact switch out today's dress with yesterday's white linen and it would have been adorable.

At $10 it was a steal. Thank you, Forever 21, for making disposable chic-ness affordable. This little panda with the fashion attention span of a gnat appreciates it!

p.s. I was telling Jean Bean about this site, Shop It To Me. A girl at work told me about it.

You create a profile by telling them the designers and looks you love and then they send you the sale items around the internet of your fave designers via email. Really easy way to stay on top of sales even if you are not much of an online shopper.


tam pham said...

such a cute outfit! green really is your color! i think i have the same BR flats but mine are red. ooh..i bought a chanel bag today at Neimans Last call, and I thought of you, my fellow Chanel devotee!! have a great weekend!

JillFantastic said...

Ugh... just spent waaaay too much on an Ella Moss knit dress. I do think it's adorable but F21 is so much more my budget. I have got to start shopping there!
Hey, while you are working on your map of downtown I have another assignment for you - a list of all your fave resale shops. And go...

weezermonkey said...

I am still without MTV! I have been watching online instead. :(

amber said...

i LOVE that dress! so cute! question: does it have a lining or no? i <3 jersey dresses soooo much, but find that without a lining they cling to my hips and legs, showing things i'd like the world not to see :/

Jean Bean said...

chesty larue!

Cee said...

I have that same dress but in navy blue. I love love love it. If only my girls looked that flashy in it.
i saw a bright redish orange version of it still at f31 the other day. almost snapped it up but felt like i was cheating on my blue one.


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