Monday, April 28, 2008

The Scene
Back from paradise and still on vacation. WHEEEEEEEEEE. Life is good.

Well, except for the whole eaten alive by mosquitos thing. UGH. Practically crawled out of my skin all night. Itchy and swollen and hideous.

Came to terms with the fact that I'd never last on Survivor, could never be Julie no matter how much I vaguely resemble her ;)

Remember that girl with the really bad leg sores on like season 3? That would be me. After one day.

Power through the itch and do errands, straighten up the house and catch up on blogging. Then take it easy.

Mr. Diabolina and I order in and watch The Hills. LC's pain over the delicious Stephen Coletti brings me fleeting joy.

p.s. Never EVER google mosquito bites. Some of the pictures that will assault you are vomit inducing. Seriously. For the love of god. Just don't do it.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic
Liquid white pants

The Accessories
Forever 21 yellow bangle
Chanel black chain tote
Chanel black and white earrings
Gucci black sunglasses

Stuart Weitzman gold gladiator sandals

The Grade


The Commentary
Today was about function. Just about getting out the door. It was about covering up the bites because ugh, no one should have to look at the hideousness. It was really just about minimizing the chafing so as not to aggravate my diseased lower half. Wah.

Wore super light Liquid white pants that I got at the Barney's Barker Hanger sale years ago.
I haven't been to that sale in easily 4 years. Styleminded went to the last one and scored Marc Jacobs oxfords for like 80 percent off.

Always felt like I was getting caught up in the sale frenzy and not buying stuff I really loved. Or needed.

Plus I think you have to go that first day and line up and elbow Westside ladies who lunch to get any real deals. Me thinks my beating-girls-up-for-Manolos days have passed. And I don't wait in lines anymore. Not if I can help it. Too old, too famous.

Feel like a baby bumble bee in this tunic today. Wore it to approximate Daisy Duke's pretty pretty yellow yesterday. The color looks so good on tan skin.

And boy am I tan. A little TOO tan. Thinking that I look a bit like that tan-aholic from There's Something About Mary. Ruh oh ;)

Also concerned I look like Laura Ingalls. You see I rarely do flower prints this obvious. If you recall, the most flowery I get are these Marc and Forever 21 prints.

More straight forward flowery prints just make me recoil. They are too sweet. Too obviously girly for me. Make me feel like a Laura Ashley bedspread.

Ironically, Mr. Diabolina loves him a flowered dress. Would be a happy man if I wore one every day. And stayed this tan. And wore my hair curly. {rolling eyes}

It's not very high fashion of me to dislike flowery prints as much as I do. All the big design houses do them. Usually in the spring, like clockwork.

Particularly the Latin designers like Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrerra. Flowers were even big this season at "edgier" houses like Balenciaga and Stella McCartney. Humph!

Must confess that I do love love love these Prada shoes. Waiting for them to go on sale. Flowers on my feet and in my hair are somehow ok. I'm just nutty that way.


wan said...

i so love that you can mix forever 21 with chanel and stuart weitzman. awesome.

amber said...

those pradas are to die for. <3

weezermonkey said...

Yellow looks so good on you. Me? It's like, "Hello? Where did she go?" It's like when really white people wear white.

What is a grade of "P"?

Da Fashionista said...

Pass on a Pass/Fail scale, silly Weemo.

LOVE smarties who only took classes for a grade. a grade of A ;)

i hand myself a pass on days when there's just too many things working against me (usually sickness and in this case leprosy) or on blah days where I am not doing anything fun and putting in minimal effort.

WendyB said...

Yay for flower feet!

KFR said...

omg, for days you talk about getting a tan and now you are TOO tan????

Cee said...

prada shoes are fabu. Have you gone to the dr yet to take a shot to help w/ the itchiness? somehow insects love me too.

Blue Bird said...

Hey tan panda (or "tanda"), I saw this and thought of you.

Sadly, it's sold out.

Mr. T

R said...

From the pics, you do not look leathery or used up at all. Very un-Something About Mary Lady.

I too was clueless about the "P" grade. Not smart, just slow. ;)

Blue Bird said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention, those Prada shoes are very nice. If I were in high school, I would ask them to the prom. And they would say no.

Mr. T


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