Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Scene
Barely sleep I am in so much itchy agony from the mosquitos. Mr. Diabolina forces me to sleep in the mosquito tent. But that only makes me feel like a caged quarantined animal. ROAR.

And don't EVEN get me started about how curly my lion mane is in this picture. Trying to embrace my natural curls but jeez I look like the crazy lady in the attic from Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea (two of my all time fave books but still...)

As soon as it's light out, I head out to the pool for some sweet relief. Daisy Duke's joins me and we have a lovely meandering talk.

We discuss growing up and becoming women and gratitude and our bodies and openness and L.A.

It's the culmination of 4 days of getting to know each other and laughing at the boys and bonding. She is a sweet smart woman.

Feel so pleased to have crossed paths with her at such a pivotal memorable moment in my life. She is one of the lights in the darkness.

We wash up and dress up to enjoy our last breakfast. She sports the BEST dress of the trip. A strapless dream of a dress. A+

The color is my absolute fave of late. Alot like the pretty one everyone was yammering about on Angelina last week. Plus it's fitted (death to volume!) and shows her great waist off.

When Daisy Duke's is out of ear shot, Mr. Diabolina points out in a knowing whisper "And it has pockets too!" LOVE HIM. AND HER.

After breakfast, we hit the pool again. Mr. Diabolina sets the trap for the iguanas once again but no cigar.

Tres sad to leave but ready to face my new life back at home.

Besides I'm tired of being in the sun
and Mr. Diabolina always having to be in the shade ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 white rosette bubble dress

The Accessories
Coral choker
Express silver sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Seriously, I was in so much discomfort today it's a miracle I pulled it together at all. The choker I bought from a friend of a friend and always bring it on vacation. Love the coral with a tan.

Specifically brought along this doily of a dress to show off the color I knew I'd have by the end of the trip. Up until a few years ago, I never used to burn. Apparently when old age settled in, I had to burn first to get any color. Dems the (geriatric) rules.

But not this time. I credit Daisy Duke's magical potion. It's called Maui Island Secret Browning Formula and she swears by it for years now. I know, I know - skin cancer isn't pretty and Latinos get it too and the sun ages you. But once every few years on vacation, it's nice to get toasty brown like a nut. Can't I have that one vice? Isn't everything killing us anyway? Sigh.

The rosettes at the neckline of this dress remind me of the one Tam Pham blogged about the Hills girls discussing. I bought this one - say it with me - TOO BIG. Should have gone down two whole sizes to a small. Ugh. Forever 21 sizing is BONKERS.

Feel like a bit of (brown) marshmellow in it. Also reminds me of my grandmother's lacy table runner when I was growing up. Doh!

But it's pretty and I like the subtle bubble. Mr. Diabolina read my first "Dear Diabolina" post and has since been very confused by the concept of a bubble dress. Or so he pretends to be. Any dress I wear he asks me if it's a bubble. Funny but ultimately annoying - his specialty.

Love how hot he looked in his linen button down. WE MATCHED YET AGAIN!!! Good lord he is a cutie. Danny B. teased him a bit about being an aristoCAT today in a collared shirt. Loves it!

p.s. Tell me, do you love or hate this doily of a dress on Gwynnie? I will reserve judgment until I hear from you. Although I gotta say that I am really digging her new hair and slightly less smug attitude of late.


tam pham said...

the picture of you in the mosquito net bed thingy is so cute! i have that same coral necklace. i love your curly hair...embrace it my dear! thanks for the shout out in the blog. at first, i didn't like gwynnie's dress because it seemed a little too risque for her but it's grown on me. how can i hate on someone who's apparently as obsessed with short dresses as I am??

Kate said...

I totally have a crush on Mr. D. I think this iguana hunting really put me over the edge. USC really produced when it comes to tall, thin, smart least for us.

Ugh...just generally dying over the whole vacation. It looks so fun and great. I'm in such need of a vacay sans baby.

I feel you on the sun thing. Though I am a full on white girl, I am of the brown persuasion and tan really easily. I avoid it due to being a responsible person. But every once in awhile it's a good indulgence. Happy to know about Daisy D's potion! Must get some before July 4 weekend at the lake in MI with my fam. (Risa's coming for a few days!)

Anyway, kissing you. :)

Jean Bean said...

You have to hand it to her, all the skin baring of late is getting her reams of press. This new "just folks" attitude is SO fakey! I liked her better when she was her snobby self.

weezermonkey said...

Oh, my little toasty brown nut!

A HUGE no me gusta to Gwyneth's dress. Eeks.

But what do I know? I wear underwear with monkeys on it that say, "It's Wednesday!"

MissJordyPants said...

love love loving your white doily of a dress. It's freakin' adorable. Need to go find it.

As for Mrs. Gwynn, I'm not sure. At first I adored it, then I decided that I wasn't sure. Not a huge fan of the "Am I naked? Am I not naked? But I have a larger piece sans cutout to cover my crotch." Love the lacy feel of it though.

Eh, I think I am undecided.

But this is what good art does to us. Makes us think and dissect and think so more.

Fabulosity said...

The dress looks wonderful on you. I had seen it at F21 but didn't try it on. Now that I've seen it on you I think I might just go back for it.

amber said...

um, not really diggin' gwyneth's dress. :/

so jealousE that mr. d is okay with you two matching. jim has actually walked into the bathroom, where i get ready, before going out, sees where wearing similar colors and turns right around to go change. :( sadness!

i actually tried on that little pique cotton dress that daisey dukes is wearing, but i think i was trying on a size too small. must get back there and try it again. so cute!

ljlkc said...

Your dress is fab and I so heart that necklace!

Gwyn's dress is awful. Between the crotch swatch, the eyes that appear to be staring from her booble region, and the micro-mini hemline you know caused her to pull a Britney climbing out of the limo--it's more than a little frightening.

MissMissy said...

I love the white F21 dress - I want to get that soon - but need a tan BIG time! White on white is not cute.

For your bites - you need this It doesn't smell pretty but it works good.

Not liking Gwyn's get up. It reminds of me of a an angry jack-o-lantern.

KFR said...

GP looks great! Love that she is trying new/different things these days, especially for events. We've all seen enough of her very-similar daytime outfits.

Like the more relaxed hair too -- it is possible for hair to be TOO straight and long.

Cee said...

that is just too cute that mr. D is still trying to catch one. sadness that it's your last day. LOVE LOVE dresses w/ pockets! I tried to convince the bride to pick a Jim Helm bridesmaid dress in bright yellow w/ pockets. She vetoed it and pick a ghastly yellow which totally blends into my yellow skin. [crying]

Ohhh, I gotta me a some of that tanning potion. Can I purchase it at any store here in LA?

oh and Gwynie's dress, i would have liked it if there was a lining on it so the laser design would look more uniform and not so dare i say slutty?

Emily said...

Coral is my favorite color to pair with a tan, it always makes me feel pretty and summery. As far as Gwyneth's dress...after much thought, I think I've decided that I like it but it makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe if I knew it had some kind of lining/slip then I could commit to liking it?

R said...

Hmm...not opinion on the dress. I don't proclaim to know what is fashionable or not. I'm fashion-tarded. I will say that I envy the fact that she can wear it. Skinny and fab.


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