Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Scene
My leprosy is starting to feel better. Thanks for all the sweet tales of similar monstrous reactions and your kisses.

Managed to run three miles though my legs feel like they are on fire most of the run. Saw Wilson Cruz aka Ricky from My So Called Life at the gym again. I really need to become a D lister officially. Is there paperwork one fills out? Who do I talk to?

Have an early dinner with my mom. What are the odds that she would wear her pretty yellow???? And that she'd be sporting white pants too!!! So psychically linked and SO ADORABLE!

I show her all the vacation pictures and tell her all the stories but she is most enthralled with the color I got. My mom doesn't tan at all so she always covets my golden skin. I covet the fact that she - like the perfect lady she is - never sweats. I would kill to not be such a sweaty monkey.

We do a bit of shopping to make up for two lost Sundays together. I pick out three summery fluttery tops for her at H&M that she LOVES.

And I finally get my maxi dress at the same place we get our wrap sweaters. It's as colorful as these in the window but not as tacky somehow. Feels very Roberto Cavalli meets Missoni. Will likely unveil it this weekend.

The Outfit
Gap navy bow tie tank
Liquid white pants

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 bangle
Marc by Marc Jacobs logo purse
Fashion district silver rosette thongs
Gucci black glasses

The Grade

The Commentary
Same pants today as yesterday. Worried my legs won't be ready to be seen for another week. BLECH! It's like those diabolical mosquitos knew I was dying for summer to arrive and needed to thwart my leg baring plans. And that I was starting a new job and needed to make it harder for me to impress sartorially. Double F.

As we were trying on clothes, end up having to show my mom how bad the bites are. She was surprisingly cool about it since she normally throws a fit when I manage to hurt/maim myself. Maybe they feel worse than they look...

Loving this top mostly because it shows off the tan nicely. And that it works so well with the Marc bag. And the bow tie situation at the neck reminds me of the recent Who What Wear Daily post on bow tie blouses.

On trend for just $5. Woo hoo. Me loves it.

What was your latest steal of a deal?


Jean Bean said...

I guess my last steal was my purple Prada bag, which is technically a steal since I paid only a third of the retail value. BUT I only bought it because it was a silent auction, I was flush with goodwill to help Those Victimized Gays, and I was drinking. I don't recommend shopping that way.

amber said...

oh, that top got infinitely cuter when it's photographed as part of an outfit and not in a dressing room ;)

blah! no recent shopping steals for me. :(

tam pham said...

my last steal was probably the Chanel bag I emailed you about. hmmm...but I'm about to head out to do some shopping so I'll let you know! :-)

ps. I DID have the bf take a couple of pics of me in the ensemble, but he's so freaking tall that he ends up shooting me from up top which makes me took like a squatty midget!!! Ugh...I'm too vain to put up ugly pics of

pps. tell mommy her OTHEr daugther said HI!!!

weezermonkey said...

No steals lately for me. I haven't bought a thing since the last Grandma Monkey trip.

MissJordyPants said...

I can't get myself to shop. It's weird. I go, I look, I like, I leave. Odd.

Heart the pop of yellow. So effortlessly chic!

venn said...

My latest fashion related steal was the economy pack of panties I scored at Costco. "Hi-cut Bikini" to be specific.

I just delurked to tell you that.

I LOVE your blog and secretly hope I run into you at F21. If I do, I hope you don't think I'm psycho when I drag you into my dressing room and ask you to grade my outfits. Because I will. You've been warned.

Danz said...

I love your bow tie top as well! Thanks for the comments on my blog. Would you like to trade links?

Da Fashionista said...

venn, I love when people delurk. keep commenting it makes me stay motivated :)

and I LOVE grading at forever 21 so bring it!

Cee said...

my steal was my foley + corinna bag which i got for half price. whee! me loves it.

So impressed with your tan. sigh.

I've been dying for a maxi dress since i saw it on nicole richie but i'm scurred of prints. Afraid that it might overwhelm my 5'1 frame. any advice?

Cee said...

since we're all sharing stories here.

last year mr. cee and I went to Cancun. We did a lot of snorkeling for the first several days there. Woke up by the third day w/ these hideous welts, bumps, burning to be scratched. Ugh. I knew it was going to happen b/c it happened last time I went to Hawaii. I went to the resort on call Dr. He said he had to give me a shot along w/ some meds to calm it down. I lifted my sleeves for the shot and he said sorry, it has to be on the butt! WHAAAT?!

Thank goodness I was wearing my bikini underneath. Mr. Cee tried not to laugh at me since i was in so much pain. Bless his heart. but once the trip was over, he couldn't wait to tell me over and over again the expression on my face right when the doc said butt.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

my latest steal of a deal was also a Foley + Corinna bag, for my bff, and I got it for 89 bucks. Yes, I'm still patting myself on the back for that one :)

R said...

Does your Mom have a secret spy that tells her what you're wearing? It's amazing.


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