Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Scene
Today started with Mr. Diabolina waking up and saying, "It's good to be a ganster." HA!

Jean Bean continued the hilarity by emailing me this brilliantly captioned image. Apparently it's good to be a ninja too.

She also insisted I read a Jezebel article entitled "Single Slut Crashes New York Weddings Showcase." It was some of the funniest/most horrific blogging I have ever read.

And more than a little ironic since shortly we'll start planning for JB's wedding. YAYAYAYAYAYA! Bring on the cake, champagne and goodie bags !

No lunch date today so I head over to Target for some solo frollicking. Initially stop in to pick up some beauty products but get derailed in the juniors swimsuit department.

Have I told you we are going to Mexico soon? We are going with Mr. D's high school buddy Diver and his young, leggy girlfriend. So today I decide I need a suit as cutesy as she is.

All of the one pieces are god awful tranny granny. So attempt some bikinis. Not too busted so decide to get one - a mismatched top and bottom because I wanna be different and am feeling confident, get-in-shape-girl style. Plus the stripes were no good on my caboose and the polka dot top did not contain the girls.

The horrid news is that I had to get a size...

wait for it....

wait for it...


UGH!!!!!!!!! I know they are juniors sizes but GOOD LORD UGH.

Whatever...I used it as motivation at the gym. Had trouble with my shins on Tuesday and feeling some pain again today. F to me. Only run 2 miles and do 20 minutes on the stepper thingymajig.

Starting to worry about the whole running thing and these old bones...

The Outfit
Forever 21 black jeans
Behnaz Sarafpour for Target purple silk tunic
Beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Downtown bangles
Louis Vuitton earrings
Marc Jacobs hobo
Steve Madden boots

The Grade

The Commentary
Another Barney-licious look. I think I am going to tag all the purple (people eater) outfits and see how many it adds up to....

Only 10. Surprising!

Seems like WAY more than that. Probably because it's such a bold color. Once upon a time only for royalty and such ;)

My bestie from high school took this whole New Agey course on your color chart like 7 years ago. I guess she discovered she was all about earth tones and pegged me as a purple.

She ended up giving me half her closet that summer. Something about bad energy from wearing certain colors. I kept my head down, didn't ask questions and ran away with all my spoils...

Now about this yummy top...I rarely buy multiples of something. It's got to be something I really dig or a time when I'm feeling very flush. But I did it with this Behnaz Sarafpour for Target top. I just HAD to get the classic white and black combo, being a Chanel slut and all. (I also got the cute collarless tuxedo jacket in the pic.)

Me thinks Behnaz Sarafpour for Target was one of the better lines. None of the dresses really worked on me unfortunately. But I appreciated that the end result was very true to her high end line.

It's uber retro chic. Dainty and feminine and sweet. Lots of bows and ruffles and and lace and round collars. Very Holly Golightly. Very New York petite sophistiCAT like the designer herself.

Liked breaking up the dark colors today with the light sweater and bag. It' felt a bit unexpected. Definitely makes the outfit more interesting and just lightens it up for spring.

While I was digging for images tonight, I happened upon this Target photo gallery of an upcoming "Private Line."

Kinda sorta SUPER digging it. Thoughts?

Found this item explaining the big mystery collection too.


I also found this even more freaking exciting tidbit on Botkier being the next accessories Target collaborator

I likes Botkier. Very poor man's Balenciaga.

I need an even poorer Tar-jay version...STAT ;)


Jean Bean said...

1. It has come to my attn that Target has additional, better designer collaborations in their international markets. Look at the Zac Posen collection for Target Australia. It has gowns and tailored clothing! I could die.

2. I has that Botkier bag and I'm carrying it today. Psychically linked! Mwah!

3. I am NOT engaged yet!

weezermonkey said...

Almost all of my Paul Frank shirts are XL. It is a sad sad thing.

And, yes, we should totally do a Dodger game, preferably in a section with better food.

Brother Monkey's book is a spin-off from his uber-popular sports humor blog, which he co-writes with two other comedy writers. It gets over 55,000 hits a day, has been featured on Slate, on, and in Rolling Stone magazine.

Brother Monkey published an article in Sports Illustrated under his pseudonym a few weeks ago. Recently, the three guys decided to out themselves, which caused quite a hubbub. Then two or three publishers contacted them.

The book advance (and writing for various awards shows) is helping Brother Monkey sustain himself until he lands another permanent gig.

Cee said...

1. i already have my eye on the botkier bag AND Greyson.

2. sadness that i missed out on behnaz's line. I noticed most of the Go pieces quality just isn't up to par. I'd rather go back to Forever 31.

3. You are a freaking skinny minnie.

R said...

I have decided that bathing suits are evil. This only confirms it.

MissJordyPants said...

I doubleheart the dress with the yellow sash.

Emily said...

I am in love with this outfit. So classy but not stuffy. Looove the color of the top and the combo with the sweater. I can't wait for South American winter, so I can steal some of the great trends that have been going on this winter in the US! I think I may have to go all out and buy some colored tights :)


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