Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from vacay and catching up so here's a quick little ditty about last Tuesday...

The Scene
Last day at The Office and last happy hour as coworkers...

The Outfit
Marimekko top for H&M
Forever 21 black jeans

The Accessories
Chanel black chain tote
Gucci black sunglasses
Narcisco Rodriguez red spike heel sandals
Chanel black and white earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Today felt like a costume party at work. An exclusive party only a select few were invited to - natch! Today my friends and I were like a dream team of black and white sass. A fashion powerhouse of a team that will not be disbanded by mere distance. Yay!

I came up with today's black and white theme back when The Peeper and Styleminded and I raided Marimekko at H&M. Though most of the prints looked deceivingly poppy fun on the hanger, they were just too Mrs. Roper in the dressing room. They felt too overwhelming (read:clowny) once they were on.

But each one of us independently ended up with some version of the black and white pattern at the register. Great minds think alike. It just feels so Chanel, so summery classic, such a good investment for warm California nights ahead.

As we were walking out of the store, I decided that it would be purrrrrrrrrrfect to feel linked by fashion to my favorite people on my last day. A fitting visual tribute to our emotional connections. An outward sign of the effects we've had on each other inside.

Me thinks my top was seriously one of the best deals of the whole collection. At $19.99 it was a steal. The shape is super flattering to disguise a bit of a belly/pear shape. This time I went down a size to get the voluminous fit right. I'm finally learning.

It's uber versatile as a top too. Think it works well for work or play and will look pretty different depending on how I style it. Think bolder splashes of red will work nicely. Ugh and just look at the cute buttons!!! Adore!!!

I loved this look so much that I snatched the top up in another color combo. It just screams vacation so I will wear out soon since I am a woman of leisure for a few more days.

Mr. NBC and Mr. Diabolina tied for cutest boy outfits. Love that Mr. NBC made it out even though he's been 100 percent focused on taking care of his family since his daddy's death a few weeks ago. More than any of us, he needed a few drinks and a few laughs tonight.

What a gem of a person he is! Adoring the perspective he is getting from this tough time and well adore him for texting me that while he did manage to do black and white per the theme, he wasn't sure the outfit was "blog worthy." What a silly rabbit - doesn't he get that one's blog worthiness transcends one's fashion ;)

Mr. Diabolina brought an outfit to work to change into. HEARTS IN MY EYES FOR HIM. We bought this shirt in downtown easily 5 years ago. I adore it. Such a hot guy shirt. But it's gone into semi-retirement since it's gotten quite TIGHT!

As Kate of All Trades noted in the last post, there was a bit of a tummy/button coming undone situation happening. HILARIOUS. I love that we seem to be morphing into each other as we get older. I am making him chub-errific and he is turning me white. hahahahhaha!

The Peeper's dress was my fave of the night. The material is delish - has the weight of linen. So polished. The lines are so clean. And the proportion is just right on her.

I probably feel my fashion influence on The Peeper the most out of all my work friends. I have encouraged her to sexy it up a bit at work while she has shown me that simple classic separates can be super hot when worn by a little minx.

Loving the fact that we are all now life friends not work friends. Means there are alot more shopping and dinner dates in our future...


tam pham said...

oh my god! d is BAAAACK! oh how i've missed you so. my days just really aren't complete without a daily blog update from you! can't wait to see and hear all about your vacay!

to answer your question, YES! I love those pleather leggings! totally think you can rock them with a blouson top or tunic and sexy heels! p.s. love how you started with "question" when you asked your question...very Dwight Schrute-like

p.s. i need minute by minute updates on ANY balenciaga purchases!

p.p.s. love that your love my mommy too! too bad we can't do a mommy-mommy-daughter-daughter shopping date! :-(

weezermonkey said...

I enjoy when work friends become life friends!

Kate said...

Glad you're back. The internet has been boring without you.


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