Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Scene
Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

And it starts at 5 a.m. Oy!

Slept just 4 hours and awake still oozing tequila but SUPER DUPER POOPER excited for Mexico. It's been six years since me and my monk went to Mazatlan for his post-bar trip.

We didn't have much money so I brought coupons. To Mexico. Life is very different now so we're excited for a, well, classier experience ;)

Head to the airport and meet up with one of Mr. Diabolina's best buddies from high school Danny B and his pretty lady Daisy Duke's. As soon as I see them, I realize how anxious I am about this couples' trip.

Mr. Diabolina and I always talk about taking couples' trips but this is our first real one. And it's an international one. And, though he's known Danny B for half his life, I've only known Daisy Duke's for a couple of months.

At 30, I have a pretty high bar for the people who I spend time with and am not easily impressed (read: I'm a bitch.) Eeeks. This could all work out fine or it could be disaster. I am cautiously optimistic.

However, the trip starts off with a good omen: Danny B buys a bottle of duty free scotch and when he picks it up, they've given him two bottles. Two really good bottles for the price of one. Um, hell to the yea!

We get to Puerto Vallarta in the afternoon and arrive at one of the most stunning vacation homes I have ever seen. We're talking Elle Decor style. Open air and impeccably decorated.

It's the house of a friend of a friend of Danny B. He's been there before but managed to completely undersell it to us newbies.

For half and hour, Mr. Diabolina, Daisy Duke's and I run around like we're on The Real World. Oooohing and aaaaaahing at every nook and cranny. Jumping up and down and saying "O MY GOD, NO WAY" alot.

Clearly we are country American mice in Mexican paradise.

But come on. This house is over the top. For starters, it's got three levels, gorgeous views of the ocean and a pool. Then to top it all off it comes with a full staff (chef, maid and butler), magazines and a closet full of board games.


I was expecting a time share condo. I was expecting to make my own bed and my own margaritas. I was expecting to feel a bit cramped. But this view from our own bathroom will do ;)

Have some drinks, do a bit of swimming and eat an exceptional home cooked meal at sunset. LOVES that Danny B changes into the Simpons t-shirt he sported for Mr. Diabolina's 90s birthday party. Super cute of him to "dress up" for our amusement.

We tell stories and laugh all night. The rapport is easy and not forced. PHEW!!!

Perfect beginning to our much needed vacation.

The Outfit
H&M stripped dress
Beige wrap sweater

The Accessories
Amazon tote
Old Navy turquoise flip flops
H&M gold bangles
Forever 21 turquoise rosette ring
Forever 21 turquoise stone ring
Brass Plum turquoise earrings
Gucci black sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
Tropical vacation dressing is typically an - ahem- breeze for me. Growing up in So Cal, I can do beachy glam with the best of em. Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz ain't got nothing on me...except a few million dollars :)

However, this trip had some added pressure. You for one. I knew I'd be blogging and so I wanted to set a good example for vacation sassiness.

Second, and more importantly, I knew I'd be looking to befriend a new girl during the trip. Couldn't be too high maintenance, or too sexy, or too too. Lots to take into consideration when dressing for a woman you don't know.

Bought this dress during the Marimekko raid. Heart the artsy/ikaty feel of the pattern and its swirl of colors. Vaguely Missoni-esque for just $17. Like how it looks strapless but had to put the straps on most of the day because - ONCE AGAIN - bought it too big. I am on volume shopping probation. F.

Really loved that my accessories perfectly matched Mr. Diabolina. Yay! The color turquoise always screams summer and vacation and tan to me.

Find it adorable that Mr. Diabolina also wore Lacoste during our last Mexico trip. I know it wasn't a conscious decision. It's just his go-to way to be comfortable but still preppy lawyer.

I realized this is the first vacation where it felt odd to me to have cheapy jewelery, shoes and bags. I missed my fancy rings and designer shoes and leather bags. And I think all those things can travel well but it just wasn't necessary for this beach vacation. No need to be that flashy. Especially in Mexico.

Instead, I brought along disposable things. Things I wouldn't mind losing or getting damaged. I brought this funny purse that I bought years ago in the fashion district because it's the perfect plane bag and I dig the wooden handles.

I find the print HILARIOUS. It's got these Amazonian pin up girls with perfectly coiffed blond hair and strategically placed bejeweled bikinis fighting wild animals in a jungle. You know, the usual vacation activity for a hot chick.

p.s. I witnessed some HORRIFIC vacation outfits this week. This is the only one I furtively photographed because it was too heinous to believe. Promise me you won't ever let me do this. No matter how old I am or nutty I become.


tam pham said...

FINALLY! Some vacay details! Looks beautiful there. Love that mentioned your and Mr. D's post-bar tooks me to Asia last Aug for HIS post-bar trip...I guess it didn't occur to me that lots of newbie lawyers do that before they begin their time in HELL (real world lawyer-style).

p.s. that dress is sooo cute! damn Dallas for not having H&M. wtf?!

KFR said...

woo hoo! My favorite daily read is back on track. Hope you had a brilliant time.

KFR said...

And, yes, good news, my new office does not block you :)

amber said...

that place is posh! <3

i love love love packing for beach vacays. so much easier than trying to look cute in the city with limited space in the suitcase.

that dress is adorable. about the volume thing... i think you need to decide what size you think you need and then just automatically buy the next size down. ;)

weezermonkey said...

I applaud your furtive photography. I do this all the time, and, when I did it this weekend (not-so-furtively), my friend said, "I don't understand how you don't get your ass kicked on a weekly basis."

MissMissy said...

Yay - you are back and it sounds like you had a lovely time!!! That house is so perfect. Can't wait to hear/see the rest of your trip.

Jean Bean said...

Now Jim is babbling about wanting to take a trip to "a foreign land" with you guys. We jealous. And yes he actually said "a foreign land."

Cee said...

awesome vacay spot. you gotta give me the deets on that place.

what a fabu trip. i can't wait for mine and it's gonna be a beach one too. ah, i hope i'll dress just as spicy as you.

mr cee and i occasionally end up dressing in similar colors too.

fancypants said...

Fabulous place! I am extremely jealous. Was that woman wearing a doily over her t-shirt. That kind of layering is clearly a crime.

Lynn Tran said...

Welcome back - that Mexican manse looks gorgeous. Can't wait to read more about your vacay. I'm sure I'll be jealous of your tan.


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