Monday, March 24, 2008

The Scene
Monday after THE perfect weekend getaway=Torture

My fashion ray of sunshine at The Office: Mr. Honorary Hot Chick prints out half a dozen maps to local thrift stores so that we can costume shop for Mr. Diabolina's birthday party ("Dress how you did when you were 13!") Heart a boy that gets excited for theme parties.

My fashion ray of sunlight today at the gym: The first person I see is Toccara from America's Next Top Model. She has a beautiful face and has lost quite a bit of weight. Inspired, I run 4 miles in 41:25.

Oh and as I run, I laugh at the "Phoebe" runner in front of me who is all flailing arms and legs. WHO RUNS LIKE THAT???

My fashion ray of sunlight at home: I spy my dress from Friday in Us Weekly as well as some gladiator sandal options I was just writing about. YAY - who could be a fashion editor, huh-huh?!

p.s. Mr. Diabolina went and picked me up some Pinkberry which he hates. Think Texas Cowboy's chivalry rubbed off a bit. Hallelujah.

The Outfit
Banana Republic black t-shirt
Diane Von Furstenberg tiered green skirt

The Accessories
Nordstrom dangly green earrings
Forever 21 yellow bangle
Miu Miu sandals
Chanel black quilted tote
Gucci black sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
I hate paring this safari-esque DVF skirt with black. Have to start getting more creative on the color palette.

Maybe the fuchsia wrap sweater next time? Or a salmon top with a white jacket? Hmmmmm...
endless possibilities.

Not sure these shoes matched today's outfit but I was dying to wear them. Have had them since last summer. Bought them at Carolyn's, a GREAT resale store in Delmar where we were visiting a cousin of Mr. Diabolina's. $80. Love the color blocking.

I also scored my Chloe wedges on that trip as well. Terrific store to drop by on your way to San Diego. Lots of Dior and YSL shoes. The clothes weren't my style but the shoes...oh the shoes.

Heart these dangly, charming earrings. I bought them for my 27th birthday at Nordie's. Love wearing them and remembering a great night where I was surrounded by all my peeps. And I was younger. And blonder. And tanner :)


Lynn Tran said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great time in Austin. So happy for JB that she has found such a stellar man who adores her. She looks positively radiant with love.

weezermonkey said...

I am sad to hear Mr. D hates pinkberry. Travesty.

MissJordyPants said...

Why aren't you a fashion editor?

fancypants said...

Excellent work on the treadmill, love. We need to go do some real world running with weezermonkey soon. And I also have a crazy flailer at my gym...she looks like a flamingo on crack.

Jean Bean said...

Sweet resurrected Lord, bobbing on a cloud with all the saints, where do I begin?! I just got back to NYC and I would SO much rather be in Austin with all my babies! I can't thank you guys enough for braving Texas and letting me bring my worlds together. You were such a hit with everyone and you made me look good! I love you so much!


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