Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Scene
I've been afraid this might happen... I guess I couldn't resist it much's probably been my fate all along...

Today I signed up to run a half marathon i.e. I've gone bat. shit. crazy.

Peach's reaction to the news: "Can't you just do a competitive eating contest? That's much more our style." That pig.

Descent into madness backstory: On Monday, WeezerMonkey invited me to join her and about 30 other blogger chicks or friends o' bloggers to run a halfie in the fall. She must have sensed I'm a total joiner: Duh, yes, I want in with the cool girls.

But was afraid that I might not be athletic enough. Especially since many of the girls have run full marathons. Eeek. The most I've ever run is like 5 miles. And I'm pretty sure that was half a lifetime ago and 30 lbs ago.

But I signed up for the google group and for the last 24 hours have been getting a flurry of emails about training and the right gear to buy and runner horror stories. Midday today I decided to get off the fence and just commit to it...commit to myself.

Why not? I have always said I wanted to try to run a marathon. And there's no time like the present. This year is about doing things that scare me and watching myself step up. Yay!

So now in addition to bootcamp stories I am going to share tales of being a running fashionista. Lucky you.

Here goes: My first official training run was today. I ran 3 miles in 30:56. Stopped to walk for about a minute 3 times. I could have probably pushed myself to run 2 more at that pace but decided not to break a hip right out of the gate.

My shins are going to be a problem past mile 7 I can tell. But my biggest fears are chaffed nips and lost toe nails. Ugh. Seriously, who am I?

Hoping 6 months is plenty of time to train. Maybe? Kinda?? SORTA???

The Outfit
Forever 21 polka dot housecoat
Banana Republic black sleeveless turtleneck
Mossimo skinny jeans

The Accessories

Chanel cap toe heels
Chanel black tote
Forever 21 two-tone bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
In addition to being fitness bonkers, I'm also clearly cuckoo for polka dots. Twice in one week.

This swingy housecoat of a jacket is so fun and funny. The material is great and dig the lining. The shape just does me in. Feels so retro and polished and lady like.

Think it will be great over my black pocket dress. But today felt like making it a little less formal with jeans.

Even tho it was dressed down, I still felt straight out of Bewitched all day long. It's funny the visual references that pop into your head when you're thinking fashion. I haven't watched certain shows in decades but I can close my eyes and distinctly picture the fashions. How I ate them up as a child.

I loved Bewitched. Loved it. Kept waiting to wake up, wiggle my nose and be able to turn boys into pigs. [Note: There's a joke in there somewhere about waking up with boobs and teenage boys.]

Looking back at some of the screenshots I can see why I liked it. Clean, classic cuts, very pretty princess during the first few seasons in the early 60s.

Then increasingly poppy colors and fun patterns and exaggerated details in later seasons.

Loved how Elizabeth Montgomery got to play several characters.

Notice how the naughty alter ego always had dark hair? On I Dream of Jeanine too. I think I'm much naughtier when I'm a blond ;)

Samantha Stevens seemingly morphed from Proenza Schouler/Zac Posen 50s chic to Trina Turk/Karta 60s mod in the blink of an eye.

Or a wiggle of a nose.

Or at least as quickly as it took them to get a new Darren.

Maybe the change from black and white to color TV had something to do with it.

Doesn't it seem odd that one decade could house such disparate looks? I guess ultimately it's enviable. It means it was time of rapid evolution. Must have had everything to do with shifting female roles and new freedoms and rebellion and youth culture emerging.

I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong era. Wah.

Back to my jacket. Soooo many great details to have just cost $32 dollars. That collar, those buttons! Cuteness central.

And just look at the back. So much going on. With the strong print you lose some of the detail. It's like the critique Christian got on his runway show - many of his details were lost because he chose to show them in black. Hope Forever considers doing a solid color version of this coat cut.

Could have made the whole look more retro with Marc Jacobs round toes or point flats. But decided to go the Chanel route to work with the jacket's palette.

I worship these shoes. The heel is like no other I have ever owned. It's such a signature Coco shoe. Got it resale in Santa Monica. Little over a hundred dollars.

I love that at my last job, my old boss had the same shoes. That somehow felt very reassuring. Like I was doing pretty well for myself to be dressing like a brilliant woman who had 15 years on me...


Kate said...

Yay for you! You can totally do it and 6 months is a lot of training time. As for shin splints, your local running store should have these special leg warmer type things that you can wear that help a lot. And they look cool. Actually they don't look cool at all but who cares?

Also, I loved Bewitched too, such cute girly style. That actually reminds me of ANTM last night. Did you watch? Super cute dress on the Editor of Seventeen, I'm coveting it hard.

Jean Bean said...

In days of yore they thought if women ran, their uteruses would fall out. You'll show them!

amber said...

YAY! so you HAVE signed up! :D welcome to the world of the crazies!

and really, only a handful of the girls have run a marathon already. most of us are true novices. and with that time, you're already doing better than i am :P

loving the coat. too cute!

MissJordyPants said...

Holy crap. Marathon?! It's one of those things that I always thought I should do. Then I remember how much I hate running. And how I ESPECIALLY hate running outside. Too much air in the lungs or something.

I am loving the housecoat! I am also crushing on the retro look. Just bought a pair of gloves from ebay after watching Funny Face a few weeks ago. Had to have them. I have no idea where I'm going to wear white day gloves, but I'm sure something will pop up!

Lynn Tran said...

Congrats on committing to the half-marathon - you'll do great, I know it! A whole new reason to model fashionable work-out gear, right?! Sometimes, I think that's the only reason I even like yoga.

Fabulosity said...

I want to join you guys.

Unknown said...

i just want to say that i love you. i read your blog daily & i'm probably gonna get in trouble at work for doing "personal things" on company time. anyhow, you are the best. thumbs up to you! can i raid your closet now?

fancypants said...

Dude, you are an allstar. But please don't make me do it with you. I can train with you on the runs of 6 miles or less, though. You're gonna need lots of Adidas by Stella McCartney running tops!

weezermonkey said...

No chafed nips! No lost toenails! Only a fabulous Tiffany necklace at the finish line. :)

Da Fashionista said...

kisses for the marathon love. am going to attempt 5 miles tonight. EEK!!!!!!!!

monica, you are a sweetheart. please comment more...from home :)


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