Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Scene
Happiest I've been at work in months.

Por que? Mr. Diabolina stopped by...All 6 feet 2 inches of him. Swoon.

His firm has a client in the same building as my company so he surprised me after a meeting with them upstairs.

Mr. Honorary Hot Chick and Styleminded were all atwitter when they saw him. Love them loving him.

(BTW, Stylminded bought these great boots last week.

Look familar? Fashionista jinx!!

She wore hers with gauchos today on her medicine ball. Ah to be young and tiny...)

Alas, The Peeper was at jury duty (she was dying to get called in; you know work is tough when you actually pray for jury duty!)

She would have loved peeping him in a suit with a briefcase and Gucci shoes and "sparky" hair, as my mom calls it.

This is his know-it-all-I-object lawyer pose.
Hearts in my eyes for him!

The Outfit

Forever 21 cutout brown and red top
Katayone adeli beige slacks
Red cashmere cardigan

The Accessories
YSL chocolate tote
Narciso Rodriguez red sandals
Chanel brown sunglasses
Faux Chanel studs
Banks&Biddle gold bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
The cashmere may be the classic, but the top is the centerpiece of this outfit.
Adore everything about it: the color combo...the neckline...the sash...the keyhole.

Loves me a keyhole. It's peek-a-boo effect is understated sexy. Classy vampy. Used to work better when I was a bit flatter up top.

Not sure what designer Forever 21 was referencing with this top. Feels obvious but I can't put my finger on it. Any ideas??

DVF perhaps?

Gucci does some killer cutouts too.

Maybe last season's Elie Tahari?


This is going to haunt my dreams tonight...

Here are some current cutouts I covet:

Tashkent by Cheyenne. $506. Sigh.
I'll find a close approximation for under $50. Mark my words.

p.s. Kisses for ALL the support about the half marathon. I did fail to mention I do have sort of a "princess and the pea" problem.

For example, the first time I went camping, I awoke with my eyes swollen shut. No infection, no bug bite, everyone else was fine. I just have princess blood.

I mention this because during my measly 3 mile run I got a blister which rendered running more than a mile today impossible.

Need new strictly running shoes. And anti-chafe sports bras.

Entering unfamiliar fashion territory here. Function over sass. Am pretty nervous about the running and what I wear to do the running.


amber said...

oh, i bet weemo to this, but i am gonna suggest running skirts! they sound adorable, no? weems got some this weekend and they look so cute on her. once we get back from vacation, i think i'm gonna have to pick one up too and give it a shot.

also, there is so much cute workout/running gear in the stores now that i have the utmost faith that you'll be able to combine the functional with the fashionable :)

amber said...


Lynn Tran said...

Unexpected drop in visits are very swoon-worthy. Mr. Diabolina cleans up very nicely, very nicely indeed.

Kate said...

Love the top! I'm going to make F21 stop today, wish me luck!

weezermonkey said...

Hearts in your eyes! So cute. :)

MissJordyPants said...

As I was staring at myself in the mirror during my Lift class last night I realized that my workout gear was sorely lacking. Test drive some stuff for me, ok? :-)

The top is fabulous. Wish I had more patience to dig through at F21.

Kate said...

Yo, go to my profile page and email me using the link. I don't have your email address, don't feel like using Myspace, and have some blog type topics to discuss with you (like what you said my on page today + other ideas). Also, the F21 trip was a success - three cute things!

that girl said...

ok first of all i love the top, it's awesome. second i love that Mr. Diabolina loves the shoe shots!!! adorable!

Michelle said...

Super cute top! LOVING it!!!

capturedlife said...

great blog!i love it

styleminded said...

um baby we got to muscle up for our mud race...less than a month away. im scared!

Da Fashionista said...

heart that you all heart the top. BUT WHO IS IT A COPY OF???

i will definitely go shopping for new work out clothes soon and document. perhaps video in the dressing rooms??? is that legal???NEED new shoes definitely.

the next few weekends are going to be uber busy tho...maybe weekday trips.


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