Monday, March 17, 2008

The Scene
Happy St. Patty's Day!

No boozing for me today. Instead, I have a nice dinner with my very own Irish leprechaun (that's him on his first day of high school!!!)

It was a "working" dinner. We finally finalized details for his quickly approaching 31st birthday. We are doing a 13 year-old boy theme complete with Donkey Kong tournament, Shakey's Mojo potatoes and a dress code straight out of 1990.

It's going to get real nerdy up in our house. 90210 nerdy.

The Outfit
Forever 21 black pocket dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Sophia bag
Marc Jacobs green heart kitten mary janes
Louis Vuitton earrings
Faux Louis Vuitton bangle
Forever 21 green bead necklace

The Grade

The Commentary
I will admit it...I love costume parties. LOVE THEM. Love Halloween. LOVE IT! Love black tie events! LOVE 'EM!

However, the whole wearing a Hawaiian shirt on "Hawaiian shirt day" at work or green on St. Patrick's day tends to feel forced to me. Awkward fashion dictating seems to lead people into fashion faux paus they would never normally make. I bet you can attest to this after seeing some real green horror scenes today...

But I decided to try to put that all aside this year. Decided not to be such a fashionista narc. Opted instead to have fun with the green mandate and make it fashionable and natural extension of my taste level.

Built the outfit from the ground up. Specifically around my purliest Marc Jacobs shoes. They are truly heaven on earth. The pot of Lucky Charms at the end of the rainbow, if you will.

They garnered quite the reaction at The Office. Lots of "FUN shoes" "Well, just LOOK at those" "how FESTIVE." It was funny to me. They are just green shoes with hearts on them, people, keep walking, nothing to see ;)

Bought them resale at Buffalo Exchange years ago for about $50 bucks. Super comfortable kitten heel and when you walk in the sunlight the hearts reflect the light. Twinkle-toes-style!!!

The shape reminds me of yesterday's vintage shoes that I got for $2 at an estate sale 6 years ago. Marc does such great retro designs with a modern twist. Adore him.

The color palette came to me in a dream last night. I flashed on a magazine photo I had seen with some Hollywood bobblehead wearing hot pink and kelly green.

So preppy. So Camp Beverly Hills. So Juicy Couture.

Added the bead necklace at the end followed by the new Louis earrings (gold and fuchsia) with my little faux bangle that I also scored in black.

Felt cute and quirky and carefree all day. Yay to getting over myself on a Monday.

p.s. I am pretty darn excited that the Bachelor started today. I haven't watched it much in recent years but it always fascinates the psychologist in me. It's like rats in a maze to me. The ultimate psycho(logy) experiment.


weezermonkey said...

Those green shoes! Eeeeee!

The Reebok Pumps on Jack Sprat, Jr. are hysterical.

dapotato said...

awesome shoes - both pairs.

amber said...

"pyschos" indeed! i fell off the bachelor bandwagon awhile ago and just can't stomach watching it anymore. and is it just me or have the girls gotten crazier as the show has gone on? :/

those green shoes are fun!

Lynn Tran said...

Gawd, I can still remember your 80s themed b-day party; the intentional fashion faux pas were the best. I'm sure Mr. D's 31st will be equally as memorable.

Blue Bird said...

You're quite correct. I saw some crazy bad green decisions yesterday. I felt like grabbing some of my co-workers by the shoulders, giving them a good shake, and saying, "Sir, no matter how whimsical you think this electric green shirt is, it doesn't change the fact that you're a winter and this color couldn't be more wrong for you. Think of the children who might see you and follow your lead."

Kate said...

Hee hee, I have a crush on Mr. T.

Anyway, love the green choices. I just generally enjoy this outfit a lot. And love the blue shoes too.

MissJordyPants said...

LOOOOVING the color palette! Loving. You're such the incredible deal finder. I never have such luck at Buffalo.

I can't handle The Bachelor. Chris cast a few seasons and I was forced to witness the disaster area every week. For the last season he did, we both decided it would be in our best interest to boycott.

Unknown said...

Dear Diabolina,

Where on God's green earth do you find these wrap sweaters that i love so much?

Michelle said...

I too dislike following "rules" on apparel on days like St Pat's day. I think it goes back to having all those rules back in private school - shirts tucked in, plain white socks, black or brown shoes, you catch my drift. I felt like I felt like I was giving into the "man" if I wore green to work. So I didn't. But I did wear a greenish shirt to meet up with some friends at a bar. I paired it with some dark rinsed jeans. It worked. But I did see some unfortunate ensembles. Glad it's only once a year.

LOVE the shoes!


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