Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Scene
Feeling B to the USTED today. Looking it in the face too. Ugh.

All day I crave the gym. That feels and sounds so weird but now when I haven't been in a few days, it's like my body needs it. Before it used to be a cocktail.

Not to fret tho. I am by no means a total health nut. My body has also been craving cupcakes on a daily basis. My inner pig lives on :)

Ran 5 miles today. 53:37 minutes. That's officially the most I've ever run in my life. Yay me! Felt great. Could have gone another mile but my shoes were chafing. Must get new ones. Sassy suggestions for me?

Oh and I'm really thinking a half half marathon is what I should do. That would be cake at this point ;)

The Outfit
Black Peter-pan collar, puffy sleeve jacket

The Accessories
Luella for Target cuff
Faux Van Cleef and Aprels black earrings
Chanel two tone slingbacks
Chanel black tote

The Grade

The Commentary
You've seen everything before except the dress. Am thinking of playing "who do you think makes the dress?"- advanced edition. This one's pretty tough.

Here are some more detailed shots.

The simple neckline....

And the bottom. See how it's this bubble and you can adjust the length of the dress! Genius engineering, no?? Never had a McGwyver of a dress like this..

What are your guesses, mamis and papis? Let me know you that you are out there and reading. Needing the comment love today ;)


dapotato said...

totally impressed at the running.
no idea on the dress, but love the adjustability and print.

amber said...

an adjustable dress?!? i LOVE that idea! seriously, why don't more designers do that.

no idea on the designer, but you're lookin' tres chic today.

Unknown said...

shape and structure make me think ABS but pattern and color are throwing me off :\

lovin it!

weezermonkey said...

How is this a B?! I love this outfit!

Re running shoes, I highly recommend getting fitted at a running store. You will feel like a total dork while running up and down a hall or street and being watched by a salesperson, but, in the end, you will come out with the perfect shoes for your feet!

Lynn Tran said...

I fail your dress guessing test, but kudos for the running. Ditto what WM said re: getting fitted for running shoes by a professional. We used to recommend that to walkers as well for the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.

MissJordyPants said...

love love loving the dress with the little jacket. Running is looking good on you my dear, quite svelte you are.

Dress - I'm stumped. no idea. but super cute.

fancypants said...

Love the adjustable dress. I echo the comments by others re getting fitted for shoes. Frontrunners in Brentwood does a really good job, as does the New Balance store in Santa Monica.

Love you!!!


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