Friday, March 14, 2008

The Scene
Took a sick day. Wore this hot little number all day.

Juana got me this bitter bunny tshirt (it says "Your anger makes me happy.") The sweats are courtesy of Mr. Diabolina.

Mr. Diabolina forced me out of the house with the only enticement that could possibly work: food and a chick flick, The Other Boleyn Girl. Hurray!

Showered, put my face on and traded gray blahs for gray sparkles.

Liked the movie - what English major wouldn't? LOVED the headpieces.

And Mr. Bana's despotic smoldering. I don't think any King of England was ever that hot. NO WAY, NO HOW!

The Outfit
Forever 21 gray sequin bolero
CC California white t-shirt
Citizens of Humanity jeans

The Accessories
Damier inspired bangle
Delman white flats
Louis Vuitton Damier tote

The Grade

The Commentary

Have you read about studies done on cancer patients who had better recovery rates when they wore makeup and kept up their appearance? There's definitely something to that. Looking like myself definitely helped me feel better. Kinda mind over matter style.

I have been dying to wear this bolero but the right situation never arose so I decided a random Friday was perfect. Why not? (That's really becoming my motto!) Jean Bean bought it back in November too while I was visiting her in NYC. Yay to being fashion twinsies.

I see her in exactly one week in Austin. Super duper retarded excited!!! We've been talking about what we're each going to pack, where we're going to shop, what pigs we'll be and how adorable it will be for my Mr. Diabolina to meet her Texan Cowboy. Yummy!

Happy weekend. Eat, drink and be merry! That's what I plan to do.

p.s. We stopped by Gelson's in Weho tonight and saw...drum roll...MERCEDES AND APRIL from America's Next Top Model!!!

They were both uber SKINNY. In work out clothes. No makeup but beautiful and YOUNG.

Mercedes was sooo LA-notice-me-loud. It was ugh. It was the only reason I didn't go up to them and ask to take a picture. I NEVER do that but I knew I would have nabbed the hearts of That Girl and Kate permanently if I did. Ugh. I should have done it for their love.

April's face was sooo angular it was disarmingly odd looking from the side. Like a weird little mouse. But dead on she was purty, maybe even stunning considering no makeup. Clearly she has the type of face that the camera loves.

My girlfriend J paid me one of the biggest compliments ever by saying she thought I looked her. I couldn't really see it. Maybe in the eyes. I wish I had her body even for a nanosecond of my life. We caught each other's eye at one point in the check out line and I wondered if it was looking in a funhouse mirror for her i.e. an older fatter version ;)

The only reality TV "star" I have ever thought looked like me was Julie from Survivor Vanuatu. And only when she was a bit ratty, hair pulled back and starving on the island.

Dressed up with makeup and hair and well fed, there's no resemblance.

Mr. Diabolina looks exactly like Frank (!!!) on The Real World now The Gauntlet. We saw him in person at a bar in Santa Monica like 4 years ago and I was hot and bothered all night. Tee-hee!


weezermonkey said...

Back in the day, I was the Asian Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years.

I am laughing re Frank of The Gauntlet.

Jean Bean said...

I was sick yesterday too!!!!!!

MissJordyPants said...

Boo for being sick, but look at how happy you look when all dressed! Hope you're feeling better.

Hit UCLA Thrift Store. It was a miss day. sad. But we found our way to Literati for brunch and it was delish!

Ohh, I'm 5'1". A petite shortie. I was the tallest kid in my kindergarten class... then I stopped growing.

amber said...

oooh, i totally see the julie resemblance. very cool!

see, your denim outfit today is right down my style alley for a cute casual evening outfit. <3

that girl said...

uhm like a naughty girl i am just reading this post!!!! WHAT!! ANTM people, you were this close (thumb and pointer fingers about a half inch apart) to godliness! Lucky.

styleminded said... and thi were saying the exact same...frank does look like frank!!! who do i look like? hrm...pls dont say lucy liu.

Da Fashionista said...

asian winnie cooper is hilarious. one of my friends who you remind me of was the asian jennifer conneley growing up.

WAH for a miss day at the UCLA thrift store. Crossroads is another one to try.

yay, amber, now I know your style!

i suck for not going up to the top models.


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