Friday, February 8, 2008

The Scene
Bad day. Not just blah...bad. Boo.

The Outfit
Banana Republic keyhole green wrap sweater
Elli Tahari brown skirt
Vintage camel coat

The Accents
BCBG chocolate waffle ridding boot
Brown and green owl earrings
YSL chocolate tote

The Grade

The Commentary

Sorry for the bad pic. Just wasn't feeling myself today :(

Felt too Jessica Rabbit in this sweater. Kept my coat on most of the day. Must get down a size. I hate feeling like I have to hide.

On a "Yay, the universe does like me!" note, these lovely boots fell out of the sky last Sunday. I had been saying I needed a flat brown boot and found these sleek yummies at BCBG. On sale. Last pair. My mom said they were destined to be mine. We enable each other's shopping if you haven't figured that out yet :)

When I got home today, Mr. Diabolina was watching the Lakers. He made a lascivious comment about my Jessica Rabbit-ness in this keyhole sweater and then inspected my boots. I saw slight fear flicker in his eye.

I have known him for 11 years so I can practically hear his internal monolouge: Those boots. Hmmm. I think they are new. Think I like them. But what if they're not new? Then she'll erupt and say she's had them forever and I never pay attention. Or what if she doesn't like them and I say I do?? To say something or not????

I relieved him of the pressure and told him that they were new and I love them. He quickly chimed in that he liked the waffling. He is cute. I think he just likes waffles.

Then we played the "guess how much they cost" game. Without really thinking because he was watching the Lakes, he tossed $70 out there.

I took this picture of my defeated reaction. They were $105 after a 70 percent discount. How could he guess so low when they have such great detailing, beautiful leather, classic shape and I told him the brand??? Ugh. Straight boys.

Thank goodness it's the weekend. Time for friends and sleeping and maybe if I am good, a little shopping karma. Kisses!


Jen said...

Hi. I am loving your blog!

And, my husband and I have had almost the exact exchange when I ask him to guess the price of an amazing deal. The conversation always ends with me saying, "Arg! You should always GUESS HIGH! Geez."

Oh, and love the boots!

Jean Bean said...

Frankle cares about the Lakers? I had no idea.

Kate said...

Love the boots!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad day, but at least you can relish in your delish boots.

amber said...

sorry about the bad day :(

i absolutely ADORE those boots!! i've been looking for something similar for 2 seasons and haven't found a thing. i blame this mostly on the limited selection of tailored, flat boots that come in a 2A width.

Cee said...

I love the new boots too.

Mr. Cee and I have the guess the price game too. After 3 yrs, he already can guess the price. It's quite scary I say.

Da Fashionista said...

thanks for all the love, girls!!!
And I am ADORING that alot of couples play the price game.

i have also gotten him to play the "what would i like on this page" game when I get new magazines. Lucky is especially good for this.


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