Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Scene
As I'm getting ready, the early morning silence is broken by the shrill ring of my cell phone.

It's The Peeper.

When I say hello (secretly hoping she is calling to report that, while no one is hurt, The Office has burned down) she yelps out, "Fashion emergency!" I giggle but then earnestly ask how I can help.

She describes an all black outfit with tights. OK, good, fine, I say. BUT, she says, she's in a quandary as whether to pair it with flats or her new boots.

I instantly warn that the boots might be a little stifling in the warming weather and paired with the tights. But she poo poos away my weather neuroses. So I simply advise her to wear whatever feels most over the top.

She's admittedly been in a rut for the last few weeks so I want her to mix it up, push her boundaries, be fearless.

She ultimately settles on her new wedge boots purchased in London a few weeks ago. Super cute, superhero style. And a mere 15 pounds. I need to hit Portobello Road like some people need water.

Late in the day, Jean Bean and I talk shoes over email. She just went ape shit at Payless...again.

Prada, Jil and Bottega knockoffs plus one real Lela Rose for a grand total of $69. Excellent work!!

But I would expect nothing less of a Conde Nast employee :)

We also discuss peep toe oxfords. She wants some. Says they will be perfect "to confuse the gays" she works with during runway season. Love her life.

I tell her I can't go there with oxfords. Too high fashion for me. We both agree that if they're not high-end designer, they look pretty cheap, pretty fast. Not sure why. It's just how it is.

Later, while flipping through this month's Allure, I happen upon these Boutique 9 leather-wood-and-grosgrain peeps. $135. Maybe, Beans?

At the gym, I have one final funny shoe episode. After running for 40 minutes, I am discombobulated and dizzy but go to climb the stairs to do some quick weights.

First I hear them. Clanking on the stairs. LOUDLY. And suddenly I come face to shoe with them. Stripper sandals. What what what???

For a split second, I think I am seeing things. But then I see another and another. Three pairs of stripper shoes (one silver, one clear, one black) clanking down the gym stairs.

The strip cardio class was just letting out.

Only in L.A. :)

The Outfit
Mossimo skinny jeans
Forever 21 blue, white and red tunic
Gap white linen jacket

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs tomato Venetia bag
Marc Jacobs tomato flats
Forever 21 bangles
Faux Chanel studs
Chloe heart aviators

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt like it's been years since I wore jeans. Guess it's only been a week though. (This blog is quite handy sometimes!)

Feeling the skinnies today. Trying to channel all things skinny. I heart how mod a skinny looks with pointy flats. The bunching at the heels also makes me happy.

Debating whether or not to buy a pair of really high end skinny jeans. Perhaps with that Stella credit. She makes an impeccable pant. Maybe I'll just do a straight leg to keep it more classic...

Decide to wear something summery on top to embrace the turning weather. Pick out this top cuz I loves it and wanted to be patriotic for today's big primary. The light jacket choice follows and then the shoes and then yesterday's bag.

This top has so much cuteness going on. Love the collar and how it cuts on me. Very flattering to the emerging arm muscle under the stubborn flab. (Scale still won't budge btw.)

Love the little flared "skirt" at the very bottom too.

And you know how I feel about pockets. Just look at this little tulip shape tho. The very definition of adorable.

Please excuse how wrinkled the jacket was. Blech. I had no time for ironing this a.m. And I must confess that I do love to pop collars. Yes, I'm a ghetto superstar, so?

Try to do it to Mr. Diabolina in his Lacoste polos but he will have none of my ridiculousness. Always flips it right back down. Wah! Why can't I have a Chet of my very own???

p.s. For those of you who still care about Project Runway, who do you think will win tomorrow? All season I thought Christian had it in the bag. But after last week's show, thinking Jillian might take it.

It may just be that I want to root for a curly haired sista. Or maybe it's the fact that I got pissed when I realized Christian had my Prada glasses.

And straighter, FIERCER hair than me...


amber said...

the stripper shoe story is too funny! and you're right -- only in LA!

i'm liking the patriotic outfit today. very spring, very cute.

weezermonkey said...

I'm still a Rami fan, although that first look of his not-quite-done collection was a bit scary.

I think you should go for some high-end skinny jeans. You deserve them.

I applaud Mr. Diabolina for flipping down his collars. ;)

Michelle said...

I say go for the straight leg - you can't go wrong with a classic. Or maybe it's because I can't wear any article of clothing that use the words "skinny" to describe it!

Love the dress with the contrasting pockets & the small red piping along the bottom! So cute!

Question: when you wear bangles on your wrists, do you have to take them off when you type at work?

Michelle said...

Oh and what gym do you go to? Strip cardio?! Yes, only in LA!

Da Fashionista said...

Yes, I always take them off. Even in meetings. It's def annoying. but they look so purty.

trying to be careful about safety and not revealing too much about where i go regularly so not wanting to say the gym's name ;)

email me and i tell you.



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