Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Scene
Lunch with The Peeper is the best part of my day. Second best part is a capuccino cupcake from Crumbs...for dinner.

No I didn't? OH YES I DID!!!

Look, I spent all night prepping for Mr. Diabolina's birthday party so I figured I deserved a treat of my own. I know, I know: I'm a manimal.

When I get home, Mr. D catches up on my blog. He was behind a few days. I heart him.

Can't believe he is going to be 31. I met him when he was 18. At a retreat - a USC Emerging Leaders (read: NERD alert) retreat - up in Big Bear. It was January and it was snowing when I met the boy that would become the man in my life. Jean Bean and I ultimately chose his cabin to bunk in even though we originally wanted to be in Peach's cool kid cabin.

Mr. Diabolina struck me as quite the aristocat. I thought he was an uber fancy SC kid because he brought a garment bag up to the woods instead of a duffle bag. He was like a young Kennedy to a brace-face Diabolina.

We laugh now at how that garment bag unknowingly was his secret weapon in winning the attentions of a fashionista.

The Outfit
Halter Dress
Forever 21 denim jacket

The Accessories
Damier-inspired bangle + 2 forever bangles
Express silver thongs
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Faux Chanel studs

The Grade

The Commentary
This dress is a swirl of magic. It reminds me of Van Gogh's The Starry Night. So delightful, so whimsical, so airy, so girly.

The chiffony material falls just right, caressing one's curves just so. Plus, it is sooooo comfortable. Feels like a crime to look so cute in it.

Found it in downtown in the fashion district. A little 30th birthday present to myself last year. $40ish dollars. I think it looks like something you could get in a boutique on Robertson for 10 times that price.

Halter dresses are typically a great cut for me because they highlight the upper half. And no matter where my weight is, I think my shoulders and clavicle are always a good place to draw the eye. It's typically a lovely area on any woman.

I remember once reading an interview with Donna Karan where she said she loves to highlight a woman's shoulder in her designs. Something about no matter her age or her weight, a woman's shoulder is always sexy. I like that. Alot.

The colorful braiding at the neckline of this dress is insane. So beautiful. You can tie it in a sweet bow or create more drama by letting the length of the braid dangle down the length of your back - Rapunzel style.

Love how this god send of a little jacket keeps a very sexy look work appropriate. Yay Forever! The flat sandal keeps it on the down low too.

Yesterday Jean Bean asked how I dealt with the broken heel. Unfortunately, over the years, I have learned how to WALK with a broken heel. Well, with a heel that is warped not completely snapped.

But I also keep this pair of sandals in my trunk at all times. Just in case I have a shoe incident or want a mani-pedi :) The silver pairs well with anything. I can't stress enough: Invest in metallics!

The shoes remind me that I just read Express is doing their first high end designer collaboration. She is a British designer named Celia Birtwell. Never heard of her but her designs are sweet and very Sienna Miller.

I guess she just collaborated with my absolute fave store, Top Shop. Purty, frou-frou stuff.

Haven't set foot in an Express in what feels like a lifetime. Not sure this high/low line will lure me in.

My one and only experience in retail was working for the Limited 2 during high school. I'd get great discounts at Express so it remained a go-to store during undergrad, grad school and a bit of my career Barbie life.

Not quite sure when all that stuff made it's way out of my wardrobe but it did. Funny how you shed things you once loved: clothes, places, identities, beliefs, fears, jobs, friendships.

But somehow the core of you remains. Your essence is constant. It is timeless and beautiful.

Like a woman's shoulder.


Jennifer said...

I'm loving Forever 21 lately. They make such great trendy pieces that don't set you back in the money department. I did see some super cute bangles there the last time I went...hmmmm. Great, now you're going to make me spend more money! : )
Great post!

Lynn Tran said...

Loving the cute dress, but loving the pics from the EL retreat even more. I love that you still have those photos. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

weezermonkey said...

I have always loved the garment bag story.

The Monkeys are still costume-less right now. Mr. Monkey refused to do my Kris Kross idea. It is a sad sad thing.

fancypants said...

That jackets is delicious.

Jean Bean said...

Dillo! Ugh I guess I was ugly then. I don't remember the garment bag but I do remember that the running joke of the weekend was "the wet spot." AS IF any of us had any experience with one! BA HA HA!

MissJordyPants said...

LOVE the old photos. How cute are you two :-) I am so bad with keeping in touch with people from my past. I have one friend from college and one friend from HS and that's mostly just because they call me. Kudos to you all for staying so tight.

Good Luck to Mr. D in finishing the rat race! And Happy Birthday!

Heart the dress.

Vertiginoso said...

YES, Bare-Shoulders are ALWAYS Sexy, especially in asymetrical cuts (CHICissime casualness). . . Like a TIMELESS Figure of Seduction !!!
ps: Your Diary is very Refreshing, Creative, The sublimation of "Fashion" in RealGLAMOUR !!!

Cordially "from France", Antoiine

dapotato said...

love my clavicle and shoulders. i knew it couldn't just be me. i still can't dress 'em/me.

happy 31st. i can't wait to see what the monkey wears.

amber said...

i didn't know you've known him for so many years. aaah, how sweet :) more stories please!


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