Friday, February 29, 2008

The Scene
Friday. Danke Dios.

Two good things happen today:

#1. Get a long over due hair cut. Hallelujah!

Alas, it won't stay this purty for long. I'm serious - it will be busted (aka curling) by morning. Wah. Relishing the straight flippiness of it all while I can.

#2. Jean Bean and I make plans to rendezvous in Austin in a few weeks. yayayayyayay!

Super excited. I am all about weekend jaunts this year. And I miss her. So it'll be a win-win.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dusty rose jersey dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Me&Ro turquoise/gold hoops
Turquoise bangle
YSL chocolate tote
Thomas Wylde scraft
Giorgio Armani plastic and brown flats

The Grade


The Commentary
Felt unusually smokin today. But in an easy, casually thrown together way. Not in an obvious and calculated way.

The color combos were unexpected but flattering. The layers were languid and comfortable but hot and sexy. The whole vibe is just right - very California cool.

This feels like me at my sassiest. And that feels good.

This dress ended up being such a great purchase. One of my very first at Forever 21. It's kinda Ella Moss/Splendid. Heart the braiding and the tassle in the back and the slightly dowdy cut. It works so well with a variety of jackets and sweaters I have.

Truly loving the versatility of solid colored jersey dresses. They are like a great blank canvas to build on with accessories to create really varied looks.

Have been dying to pair the fuchsia with the turquoise. It just screams summer to me!! Realized all of it works so well with chocolate so got out my little Giorgios and the YSL.

Got these shoes at the UCLA Thrift Store years ago. I LOVE THEM. They are so weird. Always stop people dead in their tracks. Heard more than one person say, "look at her shoes" today. I feel like I have little bear paws when I wear them :)

Added the scarf on a whim. Got it as part of a fabu gift bag after a Fred Segal benefit that G took me to when she was an editor at Variety.

I stood in line behind Sarah Chalke from Scrubs at that party. What a dork I am for remembering that!

Happy weekend, mamis and papis!


MissJordyPants said...

thank you for your beautiful comment! I love that... Knowing that life is a journey and not a jumpjump to destinations. Makes the times that you feel absolutely lost seem like an integral piece rather than an obnoxious road block. Good luck with your search... Blowing waves of motivation your way!

And no overstepping of course! I adore your words of wisdom, evryone could use more in their lives.

Adore the hair cut. Super chic!

Lynn Tran said...

Love the new cut, so chic. Hope it is giving you a new bounce in your steps after your rough couple of days. Kisses.

weezermonkey said...

I love the new hair!

Kate said...

Your hair looks so cute!!! Have you ever had your hair straightened? I guess Risa does it every year and the last time I saw her it looked so great. I'm kind of dumb about these sorts of things since I have short hair (that is also very straight). But couldn't you like "permanently" get it straight?

Da Fashionista said...

kiss you missjordypants.

thanks, lynn dear. the well wishes mean alot.

i wish i had your hair mrs monkey.

kate of all trades,
i love you and your short straight hair. i used to chemically straighten my hair alot in college. but between the fact that I dye it and have pretty coarse hair to begin with I stopped. I got it japanese straightened a few years ago while i was in japan. it cost $100 and didn't damage my hair at all. totally transformed my life. i could wash and go. a curly sue's dream. alas i couldn't dye it without risk of damaging it severely and it was actually TOO flat. realized I missed a bit of volume. dunno what to do. just have to devote more time to styling it. have been pretty lazy about the hair since i've been focusing on the fashion and exercise :)


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