Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Scene
Got home at 4 a.m.but still managed to be wide awake by 9 - senior citizen style. Cleaned up the house after last night's par-tay then met my momma for lunchy.

We were both wearing wrap sweaters today. We do that. Alot. Show up in the same color or exact same type of outfit. Sometimes it's embarrassing, like we planned to be twinsies. But mostly it's just cute.

She was wearing her blingy Gucci glasses and a Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo that I COVET. I was going to buy it but she pulled rank and said she wanted it. Ugh. Hate being the dutiful daughter who has to stand down. Still paw at the bag longingly whenever she wears it and say, "MY purse. Wah!"

The Outfit
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Forever 21 navy bubble chiffon top with pearl beading
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accents
Stella McCartney grey heels

Faux Chanel white dangly earrings
Two lucite bracelets
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Chloe heart aviators

The Grade

The Commentary
These wrap sweaters are my fabulous version of the track suit hoodie. So comfortable. Also extremely flattering. They chic everything up since they have that drapey, elegant, casually-tossed-on look.

Loving this rich color. Will be great in the summer paired with yellow or turquoise. And a tan. On vacation.

The embellished top garnered lots o compliments by the huffy Chanel salespeople a few weeks ago. It truly is beautifully executed bling.

I coveted these Chloe aviators for 4 long years before I finally happened upon them at a Barneys outlet. I heart the heart.


weezermonkey said...

You look so great in everything. I would look like an idiot in aviators. :P

Anonymous said...

You and your Mom are the cutest.

amber said...

super cute sweater! can i ask where you found it?

and all your forever 21 finds are inspiring me to give the store another chance. ;)

Da Fashionista said...

my monkey,

stop playa hating on yourself pls :)

that a girl, lynn. COMMENT ME!

I got it at Image. It's a store at the Beverly Center and the Westside Pavillion. Alot of stuff from the fashion district there marked up a bit. The sweater was only $34 tho. My mama got her's there too.

forever is a jungle but it worth scouring for the gems.

happy hunting!

amber said...

thanks! guess where i'm headed this weekend? ;)

R said...

Wow, Forever doesn't usually treat me well. Maybe I'll give it another go too. I have to look through different eyes this time.


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