Monday, January 21, 2008

The Scene
Dropped Mr. Diabolina off at work (poor working stiff!) then dashed to Phillipe's for breakfast followed by a look-see around downtown's fashion district.

Finally got to watch Sweeney Todd. Picked up the Juno soundtrack for the Mr. Ate my fave Chinese chicken salad at Feast from the East un then worked out.

Loverly day. I imagine if I was a kept woman this is what life would be like.

The Outfit
Chocolate yoga pants
Champion white tankini
Old Navy light brown cowl neck henley
Ralph Lauren navy puffer jacket

The Accents
Tall Ugg Boots
Chanel waffle brown sunglasses
Damier inspired brown bangle
Gucci hobo

The Grade

The Commentary
Rainy, non-work days like today kinda freak me out and short circuit my inner fashionista. I end up feeling like the Wicked Witch of the West i.e. the rain is going to melt me so I keep it uber comfortable and functional.

Badly need another casual rain jacket. Have had this one for ages. It does everything I need it to except inspire me. Feel like a schleper in it. Blech!

Been thinking of getting a Stella McCartney for Adidas jacket in a green or dusty rose because I still have a sizable credit left over from my birthday. But not sure it will be warm enough. Any fabulous suggestions for me???

p.s. Downtown shopping was a bit of a bust. Everything was in between seasons so I wasn't feeling it. Did get this great little number with sweet details that are very Phillip Lim meets Chanel. Only $31 in Santee Alley.

On a whim, I also picked up a fall. I used to wear hair pieces all the time in college. It was like wearing a hat or a headband for me.

Ugh, I used to be so fearless.

So decided to bring back the diva fun for nights out on the town with my chicas. At a mere $15, me thinks it's a fun, no brainer accessory every woman should try at least once.


weezermonkey said...

I am super schlumpy on rainy days. This will be quite the unattractive week.

Anonymous said...

Fie Cingular! Instead I live vicariously through your fashion blog! I spent yesterday at home in a Marc Jacobs t-shirt featuring a naked Rufus Wainwright. Perfect for a rainy day!!

amber said...

love the uggs! it's been so chilly out here this winter that i've lived in them on the weekends. :)

Michelle said...

Love your fashions! I would like to master the ability to put things together. Maybe with enough practice, one day, I too will look put together!

Anyhoo - I say get the Stella for Adidas jacket. This brisk weather is not consistant & I think the Stella jacket would be more inspiring. That's just my two cents.

Carry on fashionista!

Trisha said...

Wow, you are brave! I've always been scared to wear a fall because I am scared it will be totally obvious and I'll look like a tranny.

KFR said...

Agree, the puffas are very not sexy but so fab and warm. They'll be out soon enough so enjoy while you can. Like the green Stella option.

Rain days do suck. A good day to opt for black pants to hide splattered rain drops (not sure how I walk but appear to attract a good deal of dirty splatter on the backs of my legs). Then again, I tend to wear black pants every day so rainy days are no different.

Love the poll ... how very interactive.

R said...

At least you make schleppy look cute. It could have gone very, very wrong. :0

Da Fashionista said...

kisses all!

I am going to do a little run to Stella and see about a light jacket. We shall see...

Kate said...

Yes, black & white dress would be good. No reason not to wear a hair piece, by the way.


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