Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Scene

Crazy obsessed with the start of NY Fashion Week all day

Twitter helped feed my sickness with a stream of real time reports from the tents

Attendees shared the best details. Like the contents of gift bags

And grainy backstage pics. Here's Gwen telling Kingston "Mommy has to go on the runway now." As Zuma looks on.

Here's the professional shot. Still adorable but not as insider.

Loved that one of the key sources of my information were bloggers.

Kept close tabs on Fashion Toast

13 year old Style Rookie

Childhood Flames


Style Bubble

And the irrepressible Bryan Boy

The shows were pretty meh today. BCBG was pretty. BCBG is always pretty.

So was Whitney's line. But nothing that I must have now.

Except maybe the shoes at L.A.M.B.


As my mid-afternoon slump hit at work, all the beautiful people kicked off Fashion Night Out in NYC. Thank GOD!

A brainchild of Anna Wintour, FNO was supposed to be about getting shoppers back into stores. Getting people excited about fashion despite the economic climate.

And boy did it work. Stores all over NYC were mobbed. Heard it was " like Mardi Gras in Soho - but with smaller boobs and pricier beads." HAHAHHA!

The celebrity factor had alot to do with it. Jean Bean interviewed Blake Lively at the Ralph Lauren store.

The Olsens served up drinks and created a fire hazaard as fans mobbed the 7th floor of Barney's.

Posh was at Bergdorf

Charlize at Dior

Rihanna at Guisseppe Zanotti

Gwen at Bloomingdale's

Rachel and Margarita at Missoni

Phillip Lim says he moved $30,000 worth of product at his Manhattan store.

Think the dumpling truck outside his store may have had something to do with it ;) There was food everywhere tonight.

Tory Burch served up grilled corn and Coronas. Amazing to think fashion people actually ATE tonight. Someone tweeted"Fashion's Night Out should be called Freeloader's Night Out. Vultures chasing free pizza at Stella McCartney."

Eventually pulled myself away from Twitter. Had a fashionable night out of pigging myself planned. With a blogger buddy MissJordyPants and two clients, Just Chic Events and Barbie. Bananas excited.

Hit Bazaar at the SLS hotel...finally!

Loved the bizarro decor

Very David Lynch.

Love that all four of us arrived STARVING.

And decided the tasting menu was the way to go

Feast your eyes on what we inhaled. Sorry not sure what is what. Too busy eating and laughing and drinking.

And as if ALL that wasn't enough, Barbie still wanted to try a few things. Loves her.

As I was sure I was going to burst, dessert was served and I managed to find room. Funny how that happens.

To work off our food, the four of us wandered around the store in the restaurant.

Some pretty baubles

But mostly a hodgepodge of odd

Tiny chairs

Perfect for a tiny Miss Jordy Pants

And unexpectedly large amount of fetish accoutremount

Masks made by the Eyes Wide Shut peeps

These gilded handcuffs were my faves

These tassels too

Thought about getting this pitcher for Mr. D ;)

Heavenly meal.

And partners in crime.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
bebe blazer

The Accessories
H&M belt
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch
Dolce and Gabanna heels
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

Pressure was on tonight. Felt the need to step it up.

Girls night out with clients.

On Fashion's Night Out.

Decided hot pink was the way to go

It's the new black ;)

Added the belt

Like all the fashionistas at the shows today

And out at night in NYC

Love these two contrasting ones.

Speaking of contrast was inspired to rock the clutch by Gwen at L.A.M.B. today

Added the of the moment blazer over the dress to up the cool factor

And the dash of leopard because it's my favorite trend for fall

Spots were all over fashionable types in NYC today

My favorite one? This spotted version of my hot pink dress. Kim currently has my most coveted closet. Hands down. That bitch.


Anonymous said...

What a fun night of fashion and ladies look hot!

Kelley said...

Bazaar - YUM!! I love that restaurant.

Love the pink on you! :)

Speis Girl said...

LOVES IT! next time, we take pics before eating to avoid food baby belly. or maybe I should just eat less. wait, what? eff that.

Jean Bean said...

AKA Shoplifters Night Out. Stores so mobbed, staff so distracted, it was all for the taking.

Sable Crow said...

Beautiful pics and pretty ladies!

Anonymous said...

fetish? I am so there!

PS Kim's nose job really irks me. She was soooooo beautiful!

amber said...

The idea of Fashion Night Out is really cool!


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