Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Diary: What to Wear in LA Rain

Fashion Diary 028

The Outfit
H&M jeggings
Forever 21 top and sweater
Target trench

The Accessories
BCBG boots
Dior belt
Marc Jacobs necklace and purse
Thomas Wylde skull scarf

The Grade

The Commentary
Rain today after summer-like weather. Horror.

I've taken to wearing some kind of boot every time water comes out of the sky. Minimizes the chances that I fall down and break a hip.

Fashion Diary 023

Paired them with the striped top and the printed trench and leggings.
Fashion Diary 033

A neutral bag with a little flair

Fashion Diary 024

And my favorite necklace and lip color.
Fashion Diary 022

The Commentary,






Anonymous said...

Love the MJ bag :) I too had to change my bag because of the weather. Chanel is no bueno in the rain.

fancypants said...

I'm all over the orange lip, too! I bought a perfect shade for me a few weeks ago and I can't stop wearing it. I noticed that, for a slightly different look, layering a pink gloss over the lipstick is like magic. It just softens it a bit and is like having 2 lip colors in one!

RSA Online said...

Cute outfit ;)I kind of like it when it rains, gives me a legit excuse to wear every boot I own :)

Jean Bean said...

I've missed that bag. Bring it to my bosom.


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