Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Fashion Diary Day 4: How to Wear a Denim Shirt

ss 206

The Outfit
Forever 21 skirt
LA Fashion District poncho
H&M denim work shirt

The Accessories
Forever 21 Diva knuckle ring and bow bracelet
LA Fashion District cuff
Wolford tights
Gucci bag
Tory Burch booties
Blue Moon beer after a LONG day

The Grade

The Commentary
Tired of covering up the gams today. Dug out one of my favorite new cheapie finds. Love the tulip meets bandeaux look of this skirt. Plus the band at the waist really sucks the gut in.

ss 205

Toughened it up with the denim work shirt and added the poncho cape thing for Snuggie like warmth and the tights to de-hoochie-fy the shortness of the skirt.

ss 207

Piled on the jewelry to play off the gold detailing of my favorite winter heels.

ss 208

Choose the Gucci bag and the Nars Schiap lipstick to break up all the black since who am I kidding I live in LA not NYC ;) 

ss 204

Loving the simple chic of the whole thing together. Could wear this look anywhere. And I think that's the hallmark of a great go-to outfit.

p.s. I got a feather extension in my hair two weeks ago. I guess I thought it would look Pocahontas not Colleen Williams (big props to the LA peeps who get the reference). 

The Inspiration







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