Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Fashion Diary Day 3: How to Wear a Cape

ss 198

The Outfit
LAMB cape
Bloomingdale's cashmere gray sweater
H&M jeggings

The Accessories
Fashion District cuff and ring
Louis Vuitton earrings and bag
BCBG boots
Echo scarf
Chanel sunglasses
Gucci belt

The Grade

The Commentary
First Monday after 10 blissful days of vacation + more rain in L.A. = scrambled fashion brains...again. Resulted in a hodgepodge of an outfit. 

ss 197

Living for the glamour of capes and only have one so on it went...Wonder Woman style. 

ss 199

Loving Louis and leopard so they came next. Followed by boots and the striped belt

ss 203

Awoke with a horrid hair situation so wrapped it up in a top knot...crazy lady, Black Swan style...which is really redundant since crazy is Black Swan.  


I think what I liked most about the movie was that it released me of all my guilt over never being very good at ballet as a little girl.  Now I realize I wasn't crazy enough.

Invoice 108

My mom on the other hand was tiny dancer/crazy perfect. Can you tell which white swan is her?

Invoice 107

The Inspiration





Kim Kardashian Robin Antin Luxury













Rosemary Brennan said...

Love this look! Capes tend to intimidate me, but you've pulled the look off fabulously. And I feel the *exact* same way about ballet after watching Black Swan. I lasted ONE day in ballet class and for years thought "what if?" Well, thank goodness my uncoordinated booty got out when it did!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for bringing back the daily OOTDs... When I started viewing your blog in 2009, I found the ratings that you gave yourself SO useful. They really taught me how to put outfits together and what works with what. The best kind of user guide, I guess, is to see it in action! Sorry, I don't have a blogger account, but my name is Debbie. Excellent blog, and keep your spirits up! Happy New Year!

Liz said...

I am so glad the diary format is back! Love the belt.

fshnonmymind said...

I concur about loving the outfit diary feature coming back.
Even when you think an outfit is okay, you look fabulous!!

The cape is classic and gives your outfit a diva vibe, plus it is totally on trend even though you didn't get it this season.

adeleno5 said...

Love the cape - and I enjoy seeing a realistic, weather-impacted, Monday morning yet fabulous outfit on you. Your realness is what makes your blog my favorite.

BESOS LYNN said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. I love the cape, LOVE the bag. Gwen is super fabulous! Great post, inspirations pic and all! Thanks for inspiring your followers. I am off to buy a CAPE!

Ronida said...

Love this whole outfit - especially the cape and scarf. I like how all the color tones are in the same family... I think I need to get something similiar to your outfit before I head up to SF this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Especially the cape. Way to rock it!!



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