Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Fashion Diary Day 5: How to Wear Jeggings

holiday2010 086

The Outfit
Tucker blouse
H&M black jeggings
Vintage black coat (not shown)

The Accessories
Steve Madden boots
Forever 21 belt
Louis Vuitton bag
Gucci scarf (on bag)
Forever 21 cuff and ring
Big crazy black scarf (not shown)

The Grade

The Commentary
Traveling. Conference. In Vegas. Where it's been snow flurring. F.

Kept things easy to move in and the shoes comfortable.  Didn't worry too much about the cold since I was indoors most of the day.  

Favorite part of the outfit hands down was my new laptop bag. Betsey Johnson. Peaches will be proud.

holiday2010 088

The Inspiration







fshnonmymind said...

I saw a Tucker tunic on Shopbop and thought it was lovely, you top is only making the thoughts of adding something Tucker to my closet worse!!!

Love the top and the casual, yet still chic vibe of this outfit.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

I'm really digging your daily posts! xo

Anonymous said...

Love your look!


StartedOver@28 said...

I'm loving this outfit. Favorite of the new year.

Anonymous said...

can you PLEASE let me know what size Neverfull that is???? :) you look great

Theresa said...

I must say, I LOVE all the eye candy! It's like chocolate strawberries for the eyes. I really like how you mixed the patterns. I know a lot of people call it mismatched. I, on the other hand, call them misinformed. What's the fun of wearing patterns if you can't wear more than one?


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