Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shakira, H&M polka dots and Trojan girls

Last week, Mr. Diabolina surprised me with tickets to Shakira.

pics 983

Um, I think they were actually more of a gift for himself.  AND the
only other person who knew about the surprise: The Brown Devil

pics 974

But the most surprising part was that the boys decided The Brown Devil's baby girl was ready for her first concert. At the age of 3!! At least they bought her baby rockstar head phones.
pics 976

Her mama St. Jude and I prepared her for the show by telling her
a Princess named Shakira was going to sing and dance for her.

pics 977

Thankfully Shakira dressed the part in huge ball gowns to open and close the show.

pics 986

Though there were quite a few She Wolf outfits and um, moves.

pics 978

pics 989

Someone may have acted all shocked but she loved it.
After all, she is a half brown she wolf herself. 

pics 981

St. Jude and I became friends during a European grad school trip. And let me tell you I NEVER EVER dreamed I'd witness her daughter's first concert 11 years later.  A sweet reminder that life is full of so many unexpected gifts. 

Case in point, the same week as the Shakira surprise,
I met up with a LOVERLY colleague of The Brown Devil's. 

pics 273

He had turned her on to my blog and urged us to meet saying we were two peas in a pod.

pics 274

Which was evident the minute we laid eyes on each other.  We were both wearing polka dotted H&M dresses!!! LOOOVE psychic matching on first dates!

pics 277

We talked for hours and I was shocked to find out just how much we had in common.
 Not least of which was our shared alma mater: USC's Annenberg School of Journalism.

pics 276

Which is where I met St. Jude. Who in case you're blind was also dressed
 in polka dots the Shakira night.  A little WEIRD, right???

pics 973

Or maybe not since polka dots are always in style.


Just like cool, smart, hilarious girlfriends.

pics 987

Hope you have a fun weekend with yours ;)



Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

I saw Shakira before she sung is English and had sooooo much fun. Looks like you did too! xoxo

adeleno5 said...

I had been ambivalent about wearing polka dots because with my figure I felt like I was channeling Lucy Ricardo...but with the inspiration of certain fashion bloggers who look gorgeous in said polka dots, I have recently incorporated a cream and black number into my rotation : )

Juana said...

Do I spy a churro?!!

JCH said...

Was going to wear my polka dot dress to work today and didn't...we be psychic! You're the best!


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