Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

I've been a good little girl lately. Working hard at the new job and at being a good girlfriend to Mr. D and at playing the dutiful daughter to my mama.  Also doing a bang up job of making new friends, reading, running, volunteering, and growing out my bangs :)  

And oh yeah, saving money.  LOTS and LOTS of money.

Por ejemplo, got these new old Prada shoes at my fave Santa Monica resale store Designer Labels. Yes, they are from the same collection as the black, red, yellow Pradas I got for Christmas two years ago. Yes, I still got them.  I know one thing in life: you just don't say no to $80 Pradas, m'kay? 

all 421

Plus the color blocking and shape reminds me of Fall 2010 Balenciaga. Space age meets 70s disco. God I need these little monsters in my life. 

balenciaga fall 2010 shoes

This season's Balenciaga's also vaguely remind me of yester year's Chloe booties.  Snapped them up in grey, black and white at Wasteland on Melrose. Remember how I was obsessed with them for the first part of 2008?  And how they originally retailed for over $600.  Scored them for just $65.  Not bad for old shoes that look alot like some fall 2010 booties.  A+ to me.

all 422

And finally I also saved a mint on Girl Props. Scored look-alikes of the Alexander Wang cat eyes I've been mooning over. Also nabbed Chanel-esque bifocals for my pretty kitty Jean Bean.  Total cost: $25.

all 420

JB and I just celebrated our birthdays (read: OLD AGE) with a girls beach weekend in San Diego. We talked and laughed and tanned and ate and boozed. We wore matching bestie Hello Kitty rings, old lady floppy hats, glam Falsies mascara and Tom Ford lipstick.

all 426

all 003

all 428

all 427

all 425

all 424

all 423

And we decided those Olsen twins can suck it ;)



Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

You ladies look like you had a lovely time. D, you are such the person for girls to look up to!

fshnonmymind said...

No, you can't turn down $80 Pradas, especially those. :) You scored some awesome shoes there, I tell you there is nothing better than finding some fabulousness for a bargain. I love consignment store shopping.

That looks like such a fabulous birthday celebration for you two lovely ladies. It probably helped the pain of getting older, lol.

WendyB said...

I stopped in the Balenciaga store in Paris to examine the fall shoes. They are SO HEAVY! Your Pradas will be much more enjoyable to wear.

Love Stella Rose said...

so glad you got some of your long time lusts and got to have a girly weekend away. I need one!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

hey d, know i havent been on in awhile, but i have been reading! and fyi, there is a tucker sample sale this saturday at the avalon hotel on olympic, in LA!! xoxo

ShoeZQ said...

Fab finds! BTW - I need mega help! What does one wear to meet Fergie??? Attending a VIP meet and greet with her on Saturday and I'm freaking out about what to wear.

minnja said...

oh fabulous photos:)


InnyVinny said...


platform bed said...

All the photos that you post are so amazing. Like those shoes. They are just so unusual but they look so fabulous. I also love the hello kitty rings.

lookrichbitch said...

Happy birthday gorgeous!

Jean Bean said...

Thank you for making the trip! We have real conversations and we're modestly dressed.

Theater Seats said...

Those are some funky heels. I love them!


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