Friday, August 6, 2010

Shorts and a Blazer at a Bouncy Birthday

Not sure how it happened but the dog days of summer are upon us.  A fall season of long sweeping hemlines is almost here.  So I'd like to suggest you give one of my summer go-to faves a final whirl: shorts with a blazer. Do it. Now.

The combination is just the right bit of pulled-together, warm weather chic for ladies of a certain age and certain size.  It gives those of us who aren't teenagers or size 2s a nice amount of coverage while still showing off the tanned gams. Love love love.

It's a look that can work equally well for day or evening. Shoes make a big difference. Flats skew more day, heels more evening. The material and color of the shorts and the blazer also factor: lighter/matte materials read more day while heavier/sheen-ier materials read evening.










It can be the ideal combo for nights in with girlfriends. 

1 140

You know those kind of nights you head over to a friend's house for her birthday par-tay.

1 198

And she just happens to have rented a bouncy house!!!!

1 134

1 130

1 136

And grown ass adults go apeshit.

1 165

1 175

1 167

1 132

1 160

So you get the hell out of that HIGH-larious death trap and you end up playing (and sucking at) flip cup. 

1 152

1 151

1 141

1 145

And then you take out your sore loser, drunken angst on a poor pinata, beating it within an inch of it's life to amass as much candy as you can. Like a pig.

1 150

You know those typical adult bday party kinda nights ;)

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Jordana Hazel said...

Hahahahaha... Love this post! It was a fantastic party, thanks so much for coming! And for looking so gorgeous ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic look, you look seriously amazing! What a fun party!

Did you post where the components of your outfit are from? Sorry if you did and I missed it!

louboutin chaussures said...

Vous postes sont absolument incroyable et je ne l'aime vraiment

fshnonmymind said...

I love that!! Perfect kind of party for adults who are still kids at heart.
I've been wanting to try out the shorts with blazer trend. The closest I've gotten is a cardigan. It is way too hot and humid to think about this, but I'll definitely give it a try when the weather is cooler. And perhaps I'll finally get the nerve to try shorts and tights together.

Lenya said...

Looks like an AWESOME time. Love it when adults have kiddie fun.

ari said...

love the denim cutoff shorts with the animal prints!
well I pretty much love denim cutoff shorts worn with anything ;)


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