Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage YSL, Jason Wu Sunglasses and 'Staches

About a year ago, my mustachioed fashionisto of a friend KBro surprised me with a pair of vintage Yves Saint Laurent glasses (among other fashionable, funny trinkets.)!!! 

This summer I FINALLY got around to making the old granny glasses into new GLAMMY shades. What took me so long? Well, I can be a cheap bastard. Most Lens Crafter-type places took one look at the YSL logo on the frames and quoted me over $150 to change out the lenses. F that.

 Thankfully, a few months ago Sable Crow had lasik and let me know that his optometrist Dr. Chung in WeHo converted all his fancy glasses into sunnies for under $100.  Thank god cuz I loved all his frames - especially on me - and that was just the price range I was looking for my YSLs ;)

Just $75 and one week later, I had the retro-yet-of-the-moment sunnies of my dreams. LOVE! 

Nearly pooped my pants when I opened up a European magazine and saw that impeccable Camilla Belle sporting a nearly identical pair of yummy.

$275 a pop. Available at Nordstrom's among other fancy places.  Simply gorge. Get them NOW!

Debuted my vintage pair at the perfect vintage event: Kbro's 80th (or thereabouts) birthday. Also donned a 'stache to honor the man, the myth, the Kbro.  So did Mr. Diabolina. We were quite the hit at the otherwise normal Silverlake restaurant.  Love bringing the facial hair spectacle.

Good to know that if I stopped waxing I'd look like Sadaam. And Mr. Diabolina, well, he should NEVER grow a mustache.   

Also good to know that Kbro and I are always on the same fashion wavelength. Like both rocking vests on  his bday!!! Hot chick JINX!

My mom and Jean Bean are the only other pretties I typically match. That boy really is one off my best girlfriends. 

p.s. STILL on the prowl for low cost versions of these REDIC Alexander Wang cat eyes. Let me know what you see out there, kitties.  Gracias in advance ;)



lookrichbitch said...

looooove the YSL sunnies! and more than a little jealous... never thought you could do such a thing with old frames!

Nice top too. *nod nod wink wink*

ShoeZQ said...

Not a bad imitation,eh? And you can't beat the price.

ShoeZQ said...

Sorry. Here is another option.

Anonymous said...

Love your new sunnies! They look great!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

That was an amazing story! Those YSLs look killer and Camilla Belle can step side because DaFashionista is in the house. You've totally inspired me to convert glasses!

The best version I've seen of the A Wang glasses have been on Nasty Gal, and they're only $22! They've got 3 different styles. Enjoy:

Ferissa said...

love the YSL sunnies! and the mustache show. gotta try that with my besties :D

InnyVinny said...

They came out great!!!

I've seen a lot of great versions of the Wangs on ebay. Check there.

Kimberly said...

Sunglass Warehouse just came out with Wang-inspired sunnies for under $15 - One style/5 colors.

Rachel said...

Check out these sunglasses. Close?


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