Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Before and After

I got my third super sweet Brazilian Blowout done this weekend.

Saturday I let my hair dry naturally cuz I figured: f it, the curls would be dead soon enough.  To my COMPLETE AND UTTER shock, even after 5 months, my curls emerged much looser, smoother and prettier than my natural frizzy geri kinks.  Almost cancelled my appoitment. ALMOST being the operative word, my friends.

Sunday the Brazlian Blowout left me with Poccahontas dream hair - the hair I dreamed of for 32 years, the hair I could never quite get even after decades of honing my curl murdering strategery.  I've been swishing it around like Marsha Brady ever since.  Startling myself in the mirror even - "who's that lady" style. Best beauty treatment EVER.

Read more about my adventures with Brazilian Blowouts in previous posts here

And contact my magician, my hairdresser, my homegirl Nelly Mollison for a $100 discount off your first treatment when you use my nombre.
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Anonymous said...

It looks great!

sarahwl said...

i love the curls too though!

Jean Bean said...

You look purty. Meanwhile I'm doing all I can to get the effect on the left.

fshnonmymind said...

Your hair has really grown! Although I hate that you have been murdering your curls (I adore curls, probably because my hair is usually straight), the Pocohantas straight looks great on you!!!

P.S. I hope you feature that necklace in a future post because from what I see, it looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! That is totally Pocahontas hair!

Crystal said...

"the hair I dreamed of for 32 years"

Wow, that almost brought a tear to my eye! As a fellow frizzy/curly girl I know exactly what you mean by that and it makes me even more excited for my appointment next Saturday! Your results are so awesome and you look really good for your age, btw! :-)

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

You could be bald and I'd still find you GORGEOUS!

InnyVinny said...

WOW! I wonder what I'd look like with one...


lookrichbitch said...

do you have to dry/style your hair after the blowout? do you put product?

I can't believe how long your hair is!


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