Monday, July 19, 2010

My Lucite Prada Necklace (wink, wink)

Meet my purchase of the summer. I first glimpsed her in the Fashion District. Half-off at a jaw-dropping $14. She is gaudy fun retro fabulosity. I call her Mrs. Roper.

The best part?  She reminded me of Prada Spring 2010. The stripper-on-a-chandelier heels.  The see-through bags.  The transparent dresses.

For nearly a year, I searched far and wide for Mrs Roper. She had to be chic. But frankly cheap was my number one criteria. I looked for lucite but no luck.  Had almost given up finding even a plastic version. 

Glad I didn't because Mrs. Roper is a dream. She works with a drapey tank top and gladiators at The Grove on a Mommy Sunday.

With mixed prints for a big meeting at work.

With hot pink lips, pre-Brazilian Blowout curls and a hot date at dinner in Newport Beach.

And a post-Brazilian side braid, red lips, and black-and-white maxi for a casual Friday at work.

Summer, fall, winter and spring, every woman needs a Mrs. Roper. A trendy piece that will outlast the trend and reinvent her wardrobe.  Accessories that go with everything.  Jewelry, shoes, belts, bags, hats that add flair to your look and make you feel pretty - plain and simple.  

Here's some fun inspiration for you to end the summer in style. Kisses!


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

That necklace is the - I need to accompany you to dwntwn sometime. Pretty please?

merciblahblah said...

This post is a virtual feast of accessory-porn. I need to take a moment.


fshnonmymind said...

That is some necklace you've got there!!! It definitely demands to be noticed.
Whenever I get back to L.A., I am making a point to stop in the fashion district this time.
I love all of the inspiration you posted. I am all about the accessories. Now, I'm going to go back and drool over some of those images again. :)

Copious Couture said...

Come take a look at my blog... all this week I sharing my first collection with bloggers!


InnyVinny said...

Mrs. Roper is gorgeous. I love how versatile she is. =D

Ronida said...

That necklace with the black and white dress is killer. The color looks so good against your skin!

JCH said...

I am LOVING your hair right's adorable just like you! Kiss!


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