Thursday, July 8, 2010

What to Wear to Palihouse (Hint:One Bare Shoulder)

Sable Crow recently planned a TGIF dinner at Rob Pattison-fave Palihouse with two of his best girlfriends from high school

I managed to snag an invite because one of them has become a reader of ze blog.  Heart!

I rounded out the par-tay with two of MY best college girlfriends: Mr. D and Mr. Architect.  Double heart!

Dinner was tastier than I expected for a trendy hotel hot spot

My fave was the asparagus poêle & oeuf sur le plat - asparagus, sunny side up egg, brown butter, lemon!  Seriously heavenly snarfing.

And seriously hilarious dinner conversation. Lots of sex talk for some reason.
We're talking Samantha Jones would blush. Good dirty times.

Luckily I was the dressed the sex-ay part in my short F21 bubble skirt, Tashkent by Cheyenne cut-out booties and YSL leopard downtown purse.

But the centerpiece of the outfit was the Forever 21 one shouldered hot pink top.  Bought it because it reminded of that cotton candy confection Diane Kruger wore to the Golden Globes. ADORE!

Plus, like Luann from HWONY, I've never met an asymmetrical neckline I don't love. Think they are one fashion-y look that woks on virtually any woman. Remember Donna Karan's motto: no matter what your dress size, a woman's shoulder is always sexy. And there's something especially hot about showing one but not the other. 

But there's one diva that's been OWNING the one shouldered look lately. 

Though she better watch out - there's another one-shouldered sparkly Latina in town. 

Breaking News: AMAZEBALLS F21 one shouldered dress.  $19.80.  Great drape but that material could be dicey. Must see in person.  Thank CheapChica for the tip!


WendyB said...

Hot pink is a great color on you.

tam pham said...

you are such a foxy minx in pink! LOVE. i've been loving the one-shoulder too! did you see that black & white floral dress i wore when i met tom colicchio? fOREVER21!!!!!!!!!

Sheri, RN said...

Love the dress from Forever21!

Sheila said...

I really dig this outfit, especially the hair and lipstick!

InnyVinny said...

I need to get my shoulder in shape. Yours is hawt.

Hot pink is a great color on you. =D

Veronika said...

gosh I love asymmetrical/one shoulder dresses... I think they give off a unique vibe while still being feminine and gorgeous. Love!

fshnonmymind said...

I agree this color looks fab on you and the one-shoulder look has an understated sexiness to it.

I stayed at the Palihouse when I visited L.A. in December. I loved the rooms, but never got to the food there. That asparagus dish look so good!


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