Thursday, June 24, 2010

Channeling Posh Spice in Forever 21 & Giuseppe Zannotti

When Mr. Diabolina and I met, his youngest sister Felicity 2.0 wasn't even a teenager yet. Can't believe she's now engaged to be mawied. 


The wedding will be later this summer in Maine so last month her parents
hosted a little soiree to celebrate the happy couple in Cali.

It was a lovely event filled with some of my favorite things - blue eyes, boozing and pigging.

Oh and there was my peplum dress.  My ladylike, flattering, retro, sexy secretary, panda-riffic peplum dress.

 The dress is from Forever 21.  It has an unfortunate name "Reminiscent Career Dress" (WTF, Changs!) Thankfully it had the very fortunate pricetag of $27.80!!

I nearly keeled over when I slipped it on in the F21 dressing room. The piping was elegant, the material substantial and the fit impeccable.  And the peplum (that's the short overskirt) pulled a total fashion MacGwyver: creating a waist on my straight-up-and-down middle while disguising that good ole stomach poochieness.  A+ And not surprising that the peplum originated in ancient Greece - all those Bacchus-gobbling types WOULD need a bit of mid-section magic.

One woman who has zero need for sartorial optical illusions is Victoria Beckham.  And yet the peplum silhouette is one of the signatures of her 40s-era designs.  It's frankly why I bought the dress.  I knew I wouldn't be plunking down several thousands for a Posh Spice original any time soon.  Forever 21 would have to do.

Was worried black would be too somber for an engagement party so added a neon pop.  A neon pop of hot sex on a silver ice pick.  My Baribie-meets-Blade-Runner Giuseppe Zannotti heels.

You would not BEElieve how these shoes flummox people.  Man, woman and child.   Love the shock factor. It's good for people. Makes them think twice about the same old, same old.  

Learned it by watching Victoria

And PYTs like Mr. D's baby cousin. This child KILLS me. From the gilded shoes to the on-trend braids to the unbridled hogging, she is a kindred spirit.

And did I mention "Bad Romance" is her favorite song!  LOVE!  Here we are discussing some Gaga  costume options for Halloween with her mama. Do you die?

I seriously needed to summon all my self-restraint to not gobble her right then and there. FOR REALZ, you have to be careful around me and your babies. I WILL eat them and just wear a peplum dress to disguise the belly. You've been warned.

p.s. Congrats to Miss Mae of The Valley Girl.  She won the $100 Shopbop giftcard!!!  Kiss you all for entering.


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Your shoes are muy caliente!

Anonymous said...

Loving the shoes!

Anonymous said...

PS-little SIL is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Love that dress on you, is it really F21? You are looking so skinny love!

The hot pink shoes were a brilliant choice. You look amazingly insanely great!!

cellulite cream said...

I always love Posh because of her classy fashion choices... not to mention a hot football player for a husband. :D

Sheila said...

yes what a weird name for a the shoes!

fshnonmymind said...

That dress is perfection, it is always a squee-worthy moment to find something so perfect without dropping a boat load of cash. And those shoes are killer!! Literally, because I'm sure you can use the heel as a weapon, if the need ever came, lol.
Now you make me want some hot pink shoes in my life!!!!

Jenn M said...

That picture with you and your Mom (4th down) is gorgeous! You look divine! And so happy!
Love the dress. Love the shoes. Love engagement parties! :)

Sheri, RN said...

That dress is fabulous! Glad the event went well and everyone looked quite fashionable :)

InnyVinny said...



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