Friday, March 19, 2010

My Shiny New Toys: Shopping in New York City

Soooooo many fab stories to share about my whirlwind NYC trip.  Hoping to set aside some time this weekend to blog all the career implications and fashion and friends and meals and drinks and celebrity spotting.  But for now, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of all the dirty pretty things I picked up while I was in The Big Apple. Figured who doesn't like a little voyeuristic shopping on a Friday :)

1. L.A.M.B Z-Project Satin Platform Pumps
I've been lusting after L.A.M.B's killer heels for a few seasons now.  The Fall 2010 shoes per usual are TDF.

So when I spotted these little monstrous beauties for 60 percent off. I knew they were coming home to L.A. with me. Done deal.

They instantly reminded me of Giambista Valli heels

Crossed with the Cassedi pumps every fashionista and her mother has been sporting lately.

The shape of them is so exaggerated, unapologetic and down right odd-looking  - like the Christian Siriano and McQueen runway shoes - that you instantly feel like an adorable cartoon of a woman when you slip them on. Can't wait to pair them with jeans and short dresses alike.

2. Elizabeth and James Jazz heels
I have also been shoe stalking Elizabeth and James since it debuted a few seasons ago.  Like Gwen Stefani's line, the Olsen twins' line is fierce, fashion forward and allllll about the details. I love how on occasion they are a bit fugly and (gasp!) sensible. Very granny chic.

These sexy secretary pumps in particular caught my eye over the holidays. The cute as a button buttons KILLED me.  They are like a pantyhose seam for your HEEL.  My mom begged me to get them but at over $300 they didn't seem like a necessity. Sigh.

When I found them for 60 percent off though they suddenly were. After all, this season is all about head to toe nude. PLUS a nude shoe is ideal for lengthening the leg and my ever chubbifying legs need some stretching of late.

3.  Saks Fifth Avenue rossette sandals

So just when I didn't think I could possibly find another shoe I've loved for ages, there they were. I could practically hear them hissing at me "You silly shoe slut!"   I had no idea Saks knocked off the Christian Louboutins' ruffle heels I was in lust with last year. I had seen the Pour La Victorie ones and a few others but wasn't super impressed.

The Saks ones, however, were identical to the originals.  They had them in about 5 colors and I narrowed it down to the snake skin and the peach.  The Louboutins cost over $500.  Mine?  $120.

I considered getting both but thought four pairs of shoes in one day was obscene. Even for me.  Plus I wasn't sure I'd be able to fit them all in my carry-on.

I was also worried that maybe the ruffle thing was a bit played out.  But then remembered Lanvin and even Louboutin is still doing frou-frou.

So I ultimately settled on the peach beauties. And thankfully the snakeskin found a good home too:  Jean Bean snatched them up before I could say "copy cat." :)

4. Top Shop Peplum Jacket

Sad to report that Top Shop is kind of a wasteland right now. Last time I was in New York I wanted the entire store. I did find some cool sailor inspired looks but I have an almost identical jacket already and couldn't find the droppy diaper pants in my size.

I did end up getting this little peplum grey denim jacket.  Love the piping and the ease of it.

Had no idea it was very Vuitton Spring 2010 until Jean Bean and I went a few stores down and amidst all the monogram I saw a few similar looks.

But more than anything the shape and the color remind me of Victoria Beckham.  Would love to wear one of her dresses with the E & J heels.

5.  Nars lipstick in Schiap

I've been wanting this lipstick for months.  First saw it on Kim Kardashian on a make up blog.  Love how bold and "haaaaaaaaaaaaaay, look at me" it is.   The complete opposite of the nude Cali good girl lip gloss I typically wear. 

But I was reminded of how amazing bold lips are at the Oscars.  My two best dressed Maggie and Sandra both looked radiant with their Nars Schiap and Chanel Rouge pouts.

So despite worries of resembling The Joker and KNOWING Mr. Diaboilna was going to hate it, I bought the pretty puta lipstick.  Helped that I was with Jean Bean and her gorg red mouth said I looked like a Barbie doll.  Loooove friends who encourage wrongness.

Also love validation.  Here's the Who What Wear Daily email from yesterday.  I swear those girls are inside my brain.


fshnonmymind said...

Yay! Welcome back!!! It sounds like NYC was exciting and full of wonderful new treasures for your wardrobe. Love the E&J shoes with the buttons down the back. It's the details like that makes something pretty special.
I had a make-over at Nordstrom last weekend and showed them the exact same picture of Kim K. I am so onboard the hot pink lipstick train, but I picked up the Liberty of London for MAC Peacocks and Petals. I too felt validated when I got that Who What Wear newsletter this week, lol.
Can't wait to see what developed over your trip and what else you picked up.

InnyVinny said...

What a whirlwind trip...well, the shopping at least. =D

Sheila said...

Yay you are back! I WANT LIPSTICK!

Anonymous said...

Great, great, great shoe finds. Love them all.

Yellow n Pink Creations said...

great choices.. jealous to no end :)

Lotus said...

I love the pic of you in the hot pink lipstick- you look gorgeous and so happy! Glad your back:)

Shannon said...

thank GOD you're back. now i can stop crying and eating ben and jerrys. :) lurve lurve L-U-R-V-E the e&j and l.a.m.b shoes! gah!

Anonymous said...

Love your shoe purchases, especially those nude pumps. I. Want. Them. Hope you had a great time in NYC.


WendyB said...

Bold lips rule!

Heather S. said...

Yay, you're back!!! Love the shoes. You scored some great finds!

Jean Bean said...

Come back.

adeleno5 said...

I was having a moment this morning-inspired by the tragic blisters on my feet from sightseeing all weekend in red patent leather shoes - where I was thinking that maybe it was time to break down and start wearing comfortable shoes instead of fabulous shoes. Then I read your post and my pulse quickened at all the gorgeousness...comfortable shoes just won't cut it.


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