Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mommy and Me Matching: Scarves and Cat Eye Sunglasses

Last Sunday aka Mommy day I wasn't feeling very inspired. Ended up piling on accessories to trick myself into feeling fabulous - cat eye sunnies, a Gucci scarf, new Forever 21 cuff, black tights, fabulous bag and cool boots.

And I challenged myself to try a trend I don't normally do: shorts in the winter. Remember this old lady only very recently started wearing shorts in the summer again. My thirtysomething ass cheeks felt a bit self conscious but in the end love how everything came together. Very chic look. In a not L.A. kinda way.

My mom loved the look. So much so that she totally went Single White Female on me. Within an hour of laying eyes on me, she bought a scarf on sale at BCBG and a GORGEOUS pair of MJ cat-eyes that I've had my cat eye on for weeks.

I think many a daughter would be annoyed with having a tiny copy cat of a mother. But I love it. I love being told we look alike. I love that we have the same taste and enjoy doing the same things.

I love that when Mr. D and I finally saw Avatar last week, I bought my mom a ticket without asking her. I knew she'd be up for anything. She usually is when accessories are involved.


Sable Crow said...


Adeleno5 said...

Love the new sunnies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you actually have me considering wearing shorts with tights! And I despise shorts. Looks so good. You and your mom are the cutest!

Kimberly said...

Great outfit combo! I'm headed on a casual vacation next week and my packing list is a bunch of scarves, casual tops and blazers - perfect for mixing and matching.

Also, love that you and your mom are so close - my mom and I are a lot like you two.

Anonymous said...

wish i can wear tights here in our tropical country (Philippines) :(
you and your mum are so cute! wish my mum was here with me (she lives in canada)
stay cool!

Sheila said...

i might go SWF on both of you and get a pair of cat eyes!

tam pham said...

nothing makes me and my mom happier than to hear people talk about how much we looked alike!

InnyVinny said...

You guys are insufferably adorable together!! Srsly. Your mom, yo. She's awesome.

And *handclap* for shorts in winner. I'm still kinda warming up to shorts in summer, myself. LOL.


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