Friday, January 29, 2010

Patti's Piggie: Sprinkles Mobile

Today I experienced heaven on wheels for the first time. That's right. I finally saw her - the mythical Sprinkles Mobile.

And by "saw" I mean almost licked. JUST LOOK AT THOSE TASTY TIRES!! I wanted to fall down and worship her deliciousness. But I managed to play it cool. Just took pictures nonchalantly like this wasn't the best day of my life, like I wasn't peeing my pants excited.

Thanks to Twitter, I found out the brown truck of brown chubby girl dreams was parked just 15 minutes from my office.

I enlisted the help of the woman who taught me every pig trick I know and headed over there during lunch. I was able to waddle right up to the truck because there was NO LINE!!!!!! That's unheard of at the Beverly Hills store. (Mental note: Brentwood women do not know a good thing even if it drives right up to their doorstep. F!)

We had three flavors left to choose from: Strawberry, Black and White, and Red Velvet. Guess which one this little piggie snarfed? Hint: Which one is the yummiest and messiest and fattiest?

But my favorite part of the entire experience: free accessories touting your love for a truck that brings bougie pig dreams to the masses.


McBrewster said...

Let's form a posse and the next time it's parked nearby we'll hijack that mother!! With your mother!

InnyVinny said...


When are they coming to Miracle Mile? WHEN, I SAY?!?!?

Ro said...

Luckyyy, you caught them!! I'm a slave to their vanilla cupcakes. (OMG I want one now)

fshnonmymind said...

I got to try Sprinkles when I was in L.A. in December. So yummy (but Georgetown Cupcakes in DC is still No. 1 in my book so far. You have to come out here and sample the left coast's cupcakes)! I'm so jealous of this whole food on a truck concept going on, although that's probably a good thing for my ever expanding waistline. :)

Victoria said...

So incredibly awesome!

lookrichbitch said...

i have to settle for Sprinkles cupcake mix from WS. please steal a pin for me and let a girl dream that one day, that darling brown truck will make it's way to Seattle!


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