Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Scene
Woke up to this gorgeousness.

My mom couldn't stop peeping it.

On the way to breakfast, explored the Versailles-meets-Mayan-Temple hotel

Enjoyed a tasty desayuno

Followed by a full day of lounging on the beach or by the pool

All this hard work made a mama bear and her baby ferociously hungry for naughty things. Which in turn made us feel guilty. So we worked out in the afternoon. For over an hour!

My mom's been on a walking kick lately. Obsessed with reducing her bad cholesterol. So she made sure I packed my running shoes for the trip. My ever expanding ass appreciates traveling with a tiny drill sergeant.

In the evening, it was time for a little shopping. Walked down to a neighboring plaza that had a delish mix of luxury and artisanry.

Ended the night with a tasty Mexican dinner: bottled beverages, mole, fajitas and fried bananas.

If a day could be more perfect, I'm not sure how ;)

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Target bikini and workout clothes

The Accessories
Claire's headband
Forever 21 studded bangles
Marc Jacobs bag
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Spent most of the day covered in sand

In a bikini

With a towel strategically disguising my beyond out of shape midsection.

The bright Big Bird yellow dress was my attempt to will only sunshine on our trip.

And maybe get ahead of the curve for Spring when yellow will be hot hot hot.

Loving some mustard and neon inspirations that will transition from Fall to Spring effortlessly

And the fact that I just happened to match the beauteous arrangement in the front lobby to a T. God I'm good...even on vacation.


Unknown said...

god it's amazing. can I just live there, please? ...you and your mom are adorable!

Kate said...

Ugh....sooooooooo jealous! It's beautiful! Keep the mommy stories coming, adorable.

Adeleno5 said...

I'm not sure what I am more jealous of right now...that view? That you look so cute in yellow and I look diseased? Or that amazing fresh salsa and guac? :)

Emily said...

Love the dress and how gorgeous the hotel looks, but I have to say my favorite picture is the one of you with crazy hair on the beach, drink in hand. You look so excited to be on vacation!

Kani said...

sigh...what a perfect day. So happy you are both able to have this trip together.

Fashion Intel said...

You've got what Kathy Griffin calls a BBB - Bangin Beach Bod. Your hotel looks simply marvelous. You've totally inspired me to visit and eat some delicious food. I'm so hungry now! Mexico, I love you!


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