Monday, November 2, 2009

The Scene
At LAX by sunrise, in Cancun by sunset.

The Ritz Carlton was gorgeous (duh!) though I did find the mix of French and Mexican a bit odd. Like Versailles plopped onto a Mayan ruin.

But our VIEW, my pretties, our view was exactly what I had hoped it'd be. Nothing like that breathtaking turquoise color. Plus my mom's never been to the gulf side of Mexico. Happy 60th birthday to her.

Wasted no time in getting our fruity drinks and splashing on ;)

Anytime I get my mom anywhere near water I am ecstatic. You see although I am a water baby she is agua-phobic. Mostly because she doesn't know how to swim. In one of the most ironic twists of our story, she taught me how to swim when I was little. Cosas de la vida.

One thing we can both appreciate: a fine birthday dinner on the Mexican Riviera.

Tasty fish tacos for me

A superb sea bass with asparagus for her

Ended the night with a little surprise for the adorable birthday mami.

Wonderful start to our last minute getaway. This is going to be fun...

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress and jacket

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace and flip flops

The Grade

The Commentary
Very odd packing for a tropical destination in November. But I could definitely get used to it.

Opted for a little white and black number for the plane. Comfortable, easy and cool.

Added the newish lightweight military jacket to combat the airplane draftiness. Plus I figured it will be the perfect rain jacket for tropical showers and wind.

The red coral necklace offered a nice bit of pop.

But my favorite accessory today: the face masks my mom insisted we wear on the plane. After all, we were traveling to the country where the swine flu pandemic started. Loved how our masked mugs freaked everyone in the airport the F OUT! Perfect repellent for chatty neighbors. In fact, I overheard the guy next to me talking on the phone and saying he was sitting next to "two Korean ladies with those scary face masks on." HAHAHAHAH!


fancypants said...

This post makes me smile! Love the outfits on both of you and love the Staub cast iron used for your dinner plates. Amazing!

Rachee said...

love the bangs! You both are too cute!

My Very Worst said...

doesn't look rainy at all! yay!

Fashion Therapist said...

YAY! I'm going to Cancun in a few weeks and can't wait. Thanks for posting your fun pics....they got me more excited.

Anonymous said...

Cancun is an amazing place to go on vacation. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

amber said...

What a great start to your vacation!!

Fashion Intel said...

I don't even know where to start because everything looks so beatiful and tasty! Love your bangs btw. The love between you and your mom is so strong I feel it through the screen.

Your trip looked like a blast and the water looked amazing.

Sable Crow said...

"two Korean ladies with those scary face masks on."

I just wet myself at my fancy office.


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